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  1. dak1b

    New Plants Help

    Hi Everyone. I planted my 11 hops 4 days ago. Outside temp reached a high of 85 degrees the past few days. These 3 guys aren't looking too great. All the others look fine. Overwatered? I've been watering everyday, around one minute for each plant. Ideally how much often/how much do you need to...
  2. dak1b

    Rope size?

    What is the ideal rope thickness for the hops to grow? I was either thinking 1/4in or 1/2in. Something like this: Thoughts?
  3. dak1b

    First Time Grow

    Hi Everyone!!! This year I've decided to grow hops instead of vegetables!! I have a small area in my yard that should work nicely. Its roughly 3 yds wide by 15 yds in length. How many wooden poles do I need? How tall? What type of rope do i need for the plant to grow? Best type of organic...
  4. dak1b

    beginner equipment for full brew

    Hi All! I'm looking to start a small scale brewery company from my garage. What equipment do I need to start brewing? I'm thinking about buying the yeast and hops locally or growing them myself. Thanks for any advice. :tank: