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  1. scarnera

    Why Not to Pitch On Your Yeast Cake

    Can anyone contribute any insight to yeast cakes with a collection of bugs included? I have seen recommendations of re-using the yeast cake through NB videos. I see the benefit of trying to leave behind as much trub as possible through a simple swirl and re-pitch onto fresh wort, but would...
  2. scarnera

    2014 Brew Riot

    Make sure to check out KBCB, (Knowles Brothers Craft Brewery). I spoke to one of the brothers a couple of weeks ago. They are planning on serving 7 different beers, including their super hopped #Hashtag. It placed at Bluebonnet this year. Both brothers are HBT'ers. Great brewers, better people.
  3. scarnera

    Gas and Temperature Control for Dummies

    Thanks for asking. I came out here to update the post in the event anyone else ran across the same issue. On a whim I tested for connectivity with a voltmeter between pilot lights. Sure enough, both were grounded and had connectivity running between them. As soon as I correct the...
  4. scarnera

    Dream Car! PICTURES!!!

    Pretty isn't she? The car too......
  5. scarnera

    Gas and Temperature Control for Dummies

    Can anyone explain why the Igniter Sensor in this kit should not be used and be replaced with the one listed below it? Although a bit bulky, I have used the provided assembly in the kit with no problem. All was installed as described in OP. I recently ran across an issue where I can only...
  6. scarnera

    Grain Mills - Your opinion?

    I have the MM3 and love The only problem I had as you may have read in previous reviews on this forum was it came with bits and pieces of SS all over the rollers. No problem, took it apart cleaned it off, put back together and had a horrible time with the gap. Turns out I had...
  7. scarnera

    Music while brewing

    Sirius XM Alt-Nation Playlist
  8. scarnera

    Show us your Kegerator

  9. scarnera

    Cheap Chinese DC Recirc pump?

    Only issue I have had is they do get plugged from time to time during the start of my mash. Easy to clean out and move on. I use them to recirculate 100% of the time in my HLT and mash (direct fire). I find it helps get to strike water temp quicker on the HLT through recir. I also use one...
  10. scarnera

    HomeBrewTalk 2014 Big Giveaway

    In please. Thanks.
  11. Brew Stand

    Brew Stand

    My brew stand.
  12. scarnera

    A Sour Mess

    The plan was to do another 5 gallon in about 6 months. Do you recommend sooner? Maybe 3 months? Thanks for all the help and suggestions.
  13. scarnera

    A Sour Mess

    I do not doubt it. I am committed to the long haul on this. The plan is to have it sit on cherries for another year after primary. Should have brewed 10 gallons. :(