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  1. beta pleated sheet

    Damn kids on the ice!

    I am sick and tired of summer camps sending busloads of kids to the ice skating rink every day from June til August. It's not so much that I think they shouldn't be there (hey, it's great fun for the kids) but that I just don't like it when they're there. Something about the way a large pack of...
  2. beta pleated sheet

    back from Ireland, beer report

    Also, I guess this is the place for you to tell me about all the great beers I missed and give me a reason to go back sometime. In Dublin, go to the Porterhouse, have their red ale, oyster stout, an/or plain porter, and be amazed. The red was my favorite. It had these warm, caramel flavors...
  3. beta pleated sheet

    I must have offended the beer and food gods.

    So, I burnt my burger, and I almost burnt my hand getting my tater tots out of the fridge, and I split some Duvel. It wasn't a hug amount, but just enough to make me go "Damn! I was gonna drink that!" Luckily for me, most of it was just on the clean table, and no one was home so I just licked...
  4. beta pleated sheet

    Any other hookah-heads?

    Well, after spending the weekend out in the country and thinking about how awesome it would have been to have a hookah up there, I've decided that once I get some more money I'm going to buy my first hookah. I'm probably going to go for a small one, since it will be moved around a lot.
  5. beta pleated sheet

    Leave the poor alcohol alone! (a rant)

    I am sick and tired of self-righteous people who act like alcohol is bad, and evil, and bringing about the end of society. That's not alcohol's doing, that's all the fault of idiots who become more idiotic when they're smashed. Go hate them, and stop giving hell to my booze! And what about...
  6. beta pleated sheet

    DMS or just the yeast?

    So, last night it was time to sample my first attempt at a Saison. Very pleasing apart from a kind of corny smell (this does not come through to the taste). I'm suspecting DMS, but I'm not familiar enough with the flaw to confidently make a diagnosis. Also, I'm not familiar enough with Saison...
  7. beta pleated sheet

    "sparkling" mead?

    So, very soon, I will probably be making my first mead, and I'm toying with the idea of carbing it. How has this worked out for people? How does it taste? Are there any difficulties I should be aware of?
  8. beta pleated sheet

    Gettin druck and writing a paper!

    Not druck yet, but I'm working on it! Somehow analysis of variance is easier and makes more sense after a few beers. There's been many times when I can't bring myself to do homework until I get a drink or two in me, then everything is better and makes more sense. Maybe it's because beer makes...
  9. beta pleated sheet

    damn, the Jews can make a damn good beer!

    So, I'm drinking the He'Brew Jewbelation beer, 11 different malts, 11 different hops, 11% ABV. I'm just about done with the 1pt 6oz bottle, and I'm about as tipsy as I like getting. woot! Today is a good day. I'm in Atlanta where it's warm and the grass is green, my parents are taking me...
  10. beta pleated sheet

    Quick--what's got you druck on st patty's?

    Sadly, no homebrew for me today since I'm visiting my folks in Atlanta. I've had a nice mix of Beamish stout (which I've decided is much, much better than Guinness), Harp, and Sweetwater's blueberry beer that my mom loves. That last one was much better than I expected, it just smells like...
  11. beta pleated sheet

    I hate my sinuses!

    So, my evil sinuses are flaring up again, so I'm trying to take it easy, enjoy a nice homebrew, but no! My sinuses don't even want me to do that. I can hardly taste anything beyond the bitter/sweet/salty/sour deal, and it makes me want to scream. Being sick sucks.
  12. beta pleated sheet

    Best. Tattoo. Ever.

    Okay, okay, so I don't have any pics, yet, but I will by this time tomorrow. I just want to tell somebody about my plans because I'm that excited. In 21 hours and 30 minutes for the second time I will be getting my skin filled with ink. Oh, you want to know what I'm getting? Hops! Yep, a...
  13. beta pleated sheet

    druck meets girl

    wow...have you ever noticed how when you're high, and then you go back home, you feel less high, but when you're druck and alone, you feel drucker? Yeah. I had a pint and a half of HB before heading out to a party, and then I had a whole lot of dark rum. Why is that the dark liquors that...
  14. beta pleated sheet

    Reed's Jamaican style ginger "beer" beer

    Alright, so, in case anyone's not familiar with this beverage, it's a ginger ale (like the soda), the "real" kind. You know, loads of spicy ginger. This particular kind is sweetened with honey and pineapple juice. The honey flavor is almost as intense as the ginger, and the pineapple kind of...
  15. beta pleated sheet

    lady brewers...UNITE!

    Alright, I know this site is mostly populated by the dudes, but I know that I'm not the only female in these parts. Come on! Come out of hiding, chat about how us women who brew are infinitely awesome and things of that nature. No boys allowed! :D
  16. beta pleated sheet

    Saving quicktime files (calling computer geeks)

    Okay, so I'm in a jazz history course, and needless to say, a lot of the homework is listening. Everything is on the website as quicktime, which is just fine if you want to listen to them through the website. Thing is, I'd like to save these on my hard drive, but as far as I can tell, you need...
  17. beta pleated sheet

    the beer song (and crazy drucks)
  18. beta pleated sheet

    Crying over spilt beer

    Ugh. I feel completely and utterly sick. The Beta was just a complete, stupid klutz and spilled a whole damn batch. I've never realized exactly how much liquid is is 5 gallons until now. This has got to be the most depressing mess that I've ever had to clean up. It got under the fridge...
  19. beta pleated sheet

    n00b to conicals, question concerning use

    I got a stainless steel fermenter a few months back, and it's been wonderful to me so far. Thing is, when I went to dump out the trub and collect yeast for the batch I've got in there now I was faced with a yeast plug that's clinging on much more stubbornly than usual. I got out some trub...
  20. beta pleated sheet

    Drinking + homework, and other mindlessness

    Well, I'm only on my second beer, so I'm far from drunk (but keep in mind, I'm a five foot tall woman who only recently got off a 2 week hiatus from drinking), but yes, I am also doing homework for my history of jazz course. To be fair, it's really only the massive listening assignment, but the...