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  1. maltMonkey

    New brewstand, new logo

    I just finished building a new brewstand, and thought it deserved a new logo. I've been loving brewing with this thing-every problem or annoyance I had with my old setup I solved with this one....and it looks nicer to boot. Sorry about the crappy phone pics.
  2. maltMonkey

    2 Car Brewery - new logo

    just finished it the other day - haven't decided if I'm going to create a color version or not.
  3. maltMonkey

    Compressed air in cooled wort?

    I was brewing last night and near the end of the boil I noticed that my Therminator outlet hose had gotten too close to the burner and had melted. I scrambled around to find a replacement hose and parts, meanwhile I turned down the kettle heat to just boiling, and pulled the hops out at what...
  4. maltMonkey

    fly sparging - letting grainbed run dry at end?

    OK, this is possibly a stupid question.... I've got over 50 batches under my belt - all AG/fly sparge. Everything I've ever read on fly sparging says to never let the grain bed run dry and always keep 1-2 inches above the bed, so that's what I've done every time. Today I was just going...
  5. maltMonkey

    found a dog.....

    I was out working in my garage last night and this little dachshund mix comes by several times looking a bit cold and scared (it was starting to rain). I tried to approach it and coax it over a few times to see the name on the collar but it kept running off. Finally it came in the garage when...
  6. maltMonkey

    un-beer-related wiring question.....

    I'm not an electrician by any means, but I'm building a bathroom in our basement and I wanted to make sure I've got the 3 switch wiring correct. This will feed a bathroom fan/light combo, and another vanity light: does this look right?
  7. maltMonkey

    Why does sugar = clear beer?

    I bottle all my beers and constantly fight to get some decent clarity in them. I've made a few English beers lately that ive made many times before and have always turned out a bit cloudy, but subbed about 5% of the pale malt for sugar, and these beers are remarkably clear from the primary on...
  8. maltMonkey

    Off flavors from plastic stirring spoon?

    I have a spoon like this one that I've always used during the boil. I keep it inside the boil kettle the entire time to sanitize it. Lately I've noticed that the spoon is getting a bit worn, and the plastic is starting to flake a little, and has some thin, ragged plastic "layers". I didn't...
  9. maltMonkey

    March pump crapped out on me

    bought this pump from Austin home brew supply les than a year ago. Brewing tonight on my ag herms system, and luckily I made it through the sparge fine. Went to turn on the pump to flush the lines with water, and the fan just bounces a little, motor hums, but then nothing. It started doing...
  10. maltMonkey

    Refrigeration - Air Temperature vs. Beer Temperature

    So I bought a giant keg box with a Ranco controller. I am going to start kegging, but in the meantime (and afterward) I want to use this to cold condition ales, and ferment lagers and lager starters. So I figure if I can get everything I put inside this to 48°F, then I'm good. It's on the low...
  11. maltMonkey

    Sub for iodine?

    Since iodine sales are banned in the US now, is there another way to test for mash conversion?
  12. maltMonkey

    Hydrometers, distilled water, and calibration

    Quick question, as I have not seen this info posted anywhere before: For a correctly calibrated hydrometer to register 1.000, you must use distilled water ( I get 1.004 in my tap water). But since I BREW with tap water, shouldn't I be subtracting .004 from the readings in my beer? I assume...
  13. maltMonkey

    Reusing slurry

    In another thread I had mentioned how I like to pitch onto yeast cakes from previous batches, and Bob pointed out that I have been overpitching so I would like to start measuring my slurry using the mr malty calculator. Here's how I would like to approach this: a day or two before brewing I...
  14. maltMonkey

    "close call" cream ale.....

    Brewed a cream ale Sunday - nothing exciting: 5 gallon batch (in an 8 gallon fermenter), OG 1.047, 85% american 2 row, 15% flaked corn, wyeast 1056 smack pack, no starter. It was fermenting fine Monday morning and evening. I got home tonight and the fermenter lid had swelled like a pregnant...
  15. maltMonkey

    Mashing out at 212°....

    While doing a little online digging to research my altbier recipe, I came across this archived post from 1992. I don't put much stock into this since it's a) 17 year old information b) third hand information from unknown sources c) on the internet, but I was just curious if anyone had...
  16. maltMonkey

    Stupid cold weather....

    Brewed a doppelbock this Saturday and since I wasn't doing a decoction mash I decided to do a 2 hour boil. It was 55° out when I started, but by the time the sparge was done and boil started, it had dropped to 25° with a wind-chill of 14°. Long story short, I ended up with a little over 1...
  17. maltMonkey

    Would I be stupid to pass this up?

    I've been wanting to buy some sort of refrigeration so that I can a) start kegging, and b) to have precise temperature control for my lagers. I will eventually be building a bar in my basement and was hoping to have room for at least 6 kegs..... So today I found this: It has a...
  18. maltMonkey

    food-safe caulking

    after my last brew turned out 20 points lower than expected I discovered I have a leak in my plastic MLT :( Does anyone know of a food-safe caulking that is rate up to 170-180° or so?
  19. maltMonkey

    starter in 1.5 gallon plastic bucket?

    I need to make a bock here in about 2 weeks which gives me enough time to grow my white labs pitchable to a pretty healthy size using a starter. Unfortunately all my growlers are (and will be) occupied with other starters until then. I've got 1.5 gallon buckets sitting around (with air-tight...
  20. maltMonkey

    High efficiency with Maris Otter?

    Anyone else get their highest efficiencies when using Maris Otter as a base malt? I normally get 78% - 81% efficiency into the fermenter, but have been getting 84% - 87% with large MO grain bills lately.