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  1. emit31

    Show us your sculpture or brew rig

    Bakers Brew Rig
  2. emit31

    new brew rig in the making

    Thank you, I gravity feed my sparge manifold, only use the pump for the mash manifold up to the boil kettle and the whirlpool. The mash tun only sits about 6 inches below the HLT, plenty of gravity.
  3. emit31

    new brew rig in the making

    i have brewed like this 20 plus times, no problem at all. If you are using propane, you always want to have an open door or window to flow some fresh air.
  4. emit31

    new brew rig in the making

    sorry for the delay...
  5. emit31

    new brew rig in the making

    well, the rig is finally finished (95%), first two batches went without a single problem.
  6. emit31

    new brew rig in the making

    so the boss has had me working crazy overtime for the past two months. Needless to say, I have not put much time into the new rig. Anyways, here is a new pic. I am going to install the wood slats along the entire bottom also, to hold the two march pumps and propane tanks. The middle shelf...
  7. emit31

    new brew rig in the making

    gotta say a big thank you to I placed this order last week, and the thing was shipped out first thing in the morning. Cant say much for the great USPS, the package looked like Ace Ventura delivered it.
  8. emit31

    new brew rig in the making

    so I just welded up this new frame, my plan is to have two burners up top for the boil kettle and HLT ( both keggles), and a 70 quart coleman extreme for the MLT below. One march 809 pump below all that, some wheels and eventually pilot lights and elcectric gas valves.
  9. emit31

    new brew rig in the making

    hey everyone - i am in the process of building a brew rig, and would appreciate any feedback during the build. Trying not to spend thousands on this thing, keeping most things DIY. I will update as i progress, thanks in advance!
  10. emit31

    question about using a Pump with my mash tun

    i just bought a march 809 the other day, my understanding is not to put the valve at the end of the silicon tubing. If you put it at the pump output, then tubing out, there would be no pressure on the silicon tubing. I could be wrong, but seems to me this is what they are saying.
  11. emit31

    Bottled yesterday

    Are you saying you can cold crash before bottling? Would this not eliminate the yeast necessary to carbonate the beer? Or are you talking about bottling from a keg? Any info would be great, thanks!
  12. emit31

    Couple ?s about new keg system

    makes total sense! thanks a lot, I just picked up a full side by side fridge/freezer, so I should have plenty of room. Thanks again.
  13. emit31

    Couple ?s about new keg system

    Hey everybody, I'm planning on ordering a two keg setup from this week. I was wondering who out there finds it worth the money to get the Stainless kit, and whether or not to upgrade to a 10lb bottle. Thanks again for the advice!
  14. emit31

    Carboy/ Keg Cleaner Giveaway

    The time this would save me! love it! :mug:
  15. emit31

    Look at my recipe and a question about my first IIPA

    great advice! i would not go all columbus either, been there, was not great.
  16. emit31

    fermentation chamber build. in progress!

    I use a small mini fridge for my chamber, which holds 5 carboys no problem. The fridge hardly ever has to turn on and works great. I do have two 120V muffin fans for air circulation also.
  17. emit31

    IPA Help

    Being a huge fan of both Amarillo and Citra, it sounds great to me! I normally go for 9lbs of LME on my IPA's, but im sure all is good.
  18. emit31

    Can LME go bad?

    hey thanks everyone for the replies, I brewed an IPA with the LME yesterday, it still looked fine and smelled normal, if it ends up destroying the brew I will let you know. I really think its fine though.
  19. emit31

    Successful Dry Hopping Techniques?

    i am on the same page as nefarious 1 , i use a strainer bag, with whatever amount of hops you prefer, but i also throw a couple sanitized glass marbles in there to sink the bag. this keeps the hops fully saturated the whole time. I also prefer to dry hop after seven days, and let them sit for...
  20. emit31

    Can LME go bad?

    thanks, I know, stupid mistake.