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  1. jbschuyler

    I thought I was selling my house, but apparently I’m selling my home brewery…

    I like your setup! Sorry that it's become an "issue" for potential buyers. Here in Boise there is a house on the market in a similar situation - it has a fully licensed commercial brewery in the garage. I went to look at it - pretty cool...
  2. jbschuyler

    Keg Volume Calculator

    Thanks, @day_trippr!! Just downloaded and will give it a try!
  3. jbschuyler

    Keg Volume Calculator

    Hey Kal, Has your link to the Keg Volume Calculator changed or moved? I got a Google error when trying to access. Let me know. Thanks!
  4. jbschuyler

    How often to sanitize taps/feed lines?

    Yes - if it has been a day or longer since the last pour, I routinely dump the first couple ounces that flow out.
  5. jbschuyler

    How often to sanitize taps/feed lines?

    Whenever a keg kicks, I flush the line with first water, then a run of PBW, which I let sit for 30 min or so. Then another rinse with water before tapping the new keg. If I don't have a new keg ready to go and the lines sit empty for a period of time, I will run Starsan through the beer line...
  6. jbschuyler

    Brew Space

    This is great - like your progress! Watching!
  7. jbschuyler

    Preferred software for brewers

    BrewersFriend friend here.
  8. jbschuyler

    What's in your fermenter(s)?

    Oktoberfest and a Bock
  9. jbschuyler

    Sight glass for hop additions with tc clamps

    @micraftbeer - Here is the link to the hop tube: I am able to get approx 3oz of pellets into the tube, but I am thinking of getting another one so that I can pack them less tightly.
  10. jbschuyler

    Sight glass for hop additions with tc clamps

    Yes, sorry if my steps seemed abbreviated. By this point in fermentation, the Flex+ tank had self-carbonated to about 15psi, and my process was: 1- Close ball valve 2- Attach sight glass (two in this case) 3- Insert hop tube 4- Attach gas manifold 5- Attach CO2 line to manifold 6- Charge and...
  11. jbschuyler

    Sight glass for hop additions with tc clamps

    Here's what I did after losing half a batch due to a loose hop mess jammed up my keg transfer: I got a steel mesh hop tube and 1 1/2" ball valve instead of a butterfly valve. The length of the hop tube required the use of two sight glasses (which I already had), and a gas manifold at the top...
  12. jbschuyler

    Poll: Do you have, or plan to get, an electric car?

    Don't have an electric yet, but I'm pretty certain I am driving my last gas powered vehicle.
  13. jbschuyler

    What do you do with the spent grain (from your mash)??

    Compost here too. I mix them in with my grass clipping pile from lawn mowing. I also have signed up for a city program that picks up a big bin every week, but for some weird reason they do not allow spent grains.
  14. jbschuyler

    Brewing a lager for the first time - advice please.

    Following - getting ready for my first lager too.
  15. jbschuyler

    Favorite/Worst Cheap Beer?

    1) Corona 2) Coors Light makes me gag
  16. jbschuyler


    Finn and Indie
  17. jbschuyler

    Dry hopping temperature

    Got it - thanks! I am going to try 3 days max next time too. Cheers!
  18. jbschuyler

    Dry hopping temperature

    So you are dry hopping at 74? I am trying to improve my process after my last batch failed after dryhopping 6 days before cold crash and kegging - could have been stale hops, but maybe also temp (68 degrees) and duration - so I am deep into the research on this.
  19. jbschuyler

    Dry hopping temperature

    I understand your timing for dry hopping, but not how 74 degrees is "cold". Can you please clarify? Thanks!