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    First year grower - Hops ripped out of ground!

    I live in Central Ohio, and I eagerly planted my six rhizomes in early May and they were poking out of the ground within a week of planting. I built raised garden boxes for them, in order to try to isolate the root structure and contain the hops. Well, after being in the ground for about two...
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    I think I messed up

    Brewing from a Brewer's Best kit, Falconer's Flight Extra IPA. I cooked my batch on 2/6. During the hop addition, I messed up and added all the hops in with the wort boil, instead of reserving 2 oz. for dry hopping as instructed. No big deal, I pitched yeast and went out and bought another...
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    Noob Dry Hopping Error, did I ruin my beer?

    I cooked my second ever batch yesterday, it is a Falconer's Flight Extra IPA kit from Brewer's Best. It came with the following hops: Millennium Bittering Hops, 1 pack Falconer's Flight Hops, 2 packs Falconer's Flight 7C's Hops, 2 packs I misread the directions, and missed the whole...
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    Is my primary temp too low?

    I cooked my first ever batch yesterday, an American Pale Ale from a Brewer's Best kit. Did everything according to "How to Brew", kit instructions, and the direction of you fine people on this forum. One question, I've got my primary fermentation bucket down in my basement where the temp...