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    Friendly Neighborhood American Stout

    Category 13E - American Stout Grain Bill: 11 lb Pale Ale Malt (2 Row) US 0.5 lb Carafoam (dextrine malt) 0.5 lb Roasted Barley (see Notes) 0.25 lb Crystal Malt - 60°L 0.25 lb Black (Patent) Malt 0.25 lb Chocolate Malt Your equipment differs from mine. Water volumes and temps may...
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    Tom Robbins new book, "B Is For Beer"

    I'm a big Tom Robbins fan, and just learned that his next book comes out in a couple weeks. It's a children's book about beer for grown-ups??!?!? Sounds like something only he could write! B Is for Beer: Tom Robbins: Books Review Book Description A...
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    Oat malt and/or Quick oats?

    I'm going to brew an oatmeal stout tomorrow. The recipe I have used in the past calls for a pound of quick oats. I have the quick oats on hand, but I also have five pounds of oat malt I picked up a couple months ago. Should oat malt be considered more of a base grain than an adjunct? If I...