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    C-Brite No Rinse Solution

    Hey all - When I started brewing I used C-Brite as a no rinse sanitizing solution. I've read conflicting reports about the necessity of rinsing or not. I know that they make .8 oz packets to be used in 2 gallons of water, but I bought bulk, which, if my memory serves me correctly, uses 2...
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    Hotd Dave - Anyone ever try and "eisbock"?

    Hey all - I'm interested in creating an Eisbock out of a barleywine I'm planning on making. Has anyone ever had any experiences doing such a thing? Thoughts on freezing process?? Cheers,
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    First AG this afternoon - I'm pumped!!

    Hey all - Been gone for a while, but I'm back now, and am about to take the AG plunge. I'm doing a Saison using my buddy's rig this afternoon, so to prepare, I'm doing a PM Dark IPA. Yummy. Any last minute tips for an AG beginner? Cheers,
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    First AG coming up soon - Recipe Ideas

    hey all - I still haven't purchased my whole set up_yet_, but I am borrowing a brewing buddy's rig to do my first AG. Now the question is what to brew. Initially I'm thinking some thing easy (IPA, Porter. . .something along those lines), but I keep getting this inkling to do a saison...
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    Pale Ale Recipe Critique

    Hey all - Threw this together to use up some leftovers. Let me know what y'all think, please. Type: Partial Mash Date: 6/21/2008 Batch Size: 5.00 gal Brewer: David Boil Size: 2.43 gal Asst Brewer: Boil Time: 60 min Brewhouse Efficiency: 75.00 Taste Notes: Classic American Pale Ale with...
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    Have Trappist (high grav) yeast cake. Needed: recipe to pitch on to of it.

    Ok all, so here's the deal. I currently have a high grav. Belgian Strong Ale going in primary. My brewing partner and I are planning on making a "stone soup" beer with lots of leftovers. So we were BSing the other day, and decided that using this yeast cake would be a good idea. So here are...
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    BREW DAY EMERGENCY - Need to McGyver a lauter tun

    Ok, so I usually use the Countertop PM method put forth by BYO in a 2 gal coleman cooler. I'm an idiot and didn't check my grain sock supply. I have none and am about to mash in. So I need some lautering advice: I'm planning on using some cheese cloth (brewing partner heading to store...
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    Ok, I'm sick of waiting - micro-batch recipe critique

    Hey all - Am I stupid (don't answer that)? I've been waiting for 10 gallons of RIS to finish up fermenting for the last month. I only have two, 5 gal primaries, and their both in use. I haven't brewed in a month and I'm itching to put something together. I have three 5 gal better...
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    RIS Fermentation Issues

    Hey all - I brewed a double batch of RIS on March 15th and have been letting it roll for a month now. I checked it around the 26th and had SGs of 1.040 and 1.034. I'm shooting for 1.021 for both, so I swirled i up and let it sit until yesterday (April 15th), figuring surely that it'd be...
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    Double Batch Sparge Partial Mash?

    Hey all. Currently doing a PM as we speak. Wondered if it's cool to double batch sparge a Partial Mash?
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    Partial vs. Full Boil

    I've run into a lot of information about partial vs. full boil and hop utilization. It came from my recent need to switch brewing software. I used to us BTP, but got fed up with the bugs, so I decided to try BeerSmith. All well and good, like it, set up a recipe of mine from BTP in BS, and...
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    RIS Recipe critique

    Hey all - Hoped to get some feedback on a Russian Imperial Stout recipe. 8 lbs. Extra Light DME .75 lbs. Pale Malt .25 lbs. Roasted Barley 1.5 lbs. American Chocolate Malt .60 lbs. Crystal 120 .75 lbs. Special B .15 lbs. Black Patent 2.00 oz. Chinook (60 min) 1.00 oz. Cascade...
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    Which is correct??

    I'm currently putting together a recipe for an Imperial Stout. It is PM recipe (to follow). I have the grain/extract bill down, and have decided on my hop schedule. The issue is this - I'm getting different IBU ratings from different software. BTP is giving me 100+ IBUs while BeerSmith...
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    Hopping an RIS

    Hey all - I perused through many of the RIS recipes on this wonderful site, and have seen many different suggestions on the subject of hoppage, specifically bittering, and the necessity of flavoring and aroma hops. I guess my question is two fold. 1) Is it necessary to use aroma and...
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    Spigot or No Spigot??

    Hey all. I'm looking into getting a new brew pot that will eventually be used for my AG system. I'm thinking about splurging and getting a 13 to 15 gallon tank to handle 10 gallon brews. The question is whether or not it is necessary to have a spigot attached to the bottom. My first...
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    Boiling Water

    How long do I need to boil tap water to boil off the Chloride??
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    Sparging with Wort???

    Hey all - I was reading a blog that was talking about "sparging a second mash with wort from a first mash to increase the OG, but keep the wort volume down". Is this a viable option? Here's why I ask. I currently run a countertop PM setup with a 2 gallon cooler and a 4 gallon brew...
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    Too Warm for Lagers, Too Cool for Ales?

    Hey all - This is my first winter brewing (western PA). I have no temperature control except for my basement. During the summer it stayed relatively constant at 68F-71F, some days a bit cooler. But now that its 18 degrees overnight, my basement has been getting down to like 56F to 58F...
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    First Wort Hopping and Partial Mash

    Is it possible/worth it to FWH partial mash brews?
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    GIMP and Labeling questions

    Hey all - I'm just getting into this whole labeling thing, so please bear with me. I downloaded GIMP the other night on the advice from those on this forum, and I must say, its definately a good program if you know a bit about photoshop. Now I haven't read any of the tutorials, and I...