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    How Many Gallons Brewed In 2021

    6876 + 5gal of Kölsch = 6881 gallons
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    New post a picture of your pint

    American brown/amberish. Free State Ad Astra clone. A little roasty and very tasty!
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    New post a picture of your pint

    American Wheat, 5% ABV. Grain-to-glass in 3 weeks. Pretty tasty and refreshing!
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    New post a picture of your pint

    A tasty American pale ale. First batched brewed in almost 10 years.
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    How Many Gallons Brewed In 2021

    5 gal APA = 2441.7
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    Will This Recipe Work?

    If this is the dry Cooper's yeast, you don't need a yeast starter. Just rehydrate and go. This is the general rule with all dry yeast since they have much more cells than liquid. As for the secondary, there are many schools of thought, but I just leave mine in the primary for a month, than...
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    First secondary racking: 1. should I dry hop this stout ? 2. should I add sugar?

    +1. You need to keep a beer this big for at least 3 weeks. I left my IPA for a month and it has no bad tastes.
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    Wort it worth the expense?

    It's totally worth it especially if you are doing full boils. But even if you aren't, you need to chill the wort as quickly as you can to get a good cold break. This leads to a cleaner beer. Plus, it means there is less time for other bugs to take ahold.
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    What's this in my beer i see?

    If you let it condition properly, even bottles with yeast in it can be really clear. There are many examples on the photo board.
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    From Kansas? Midwest?

    Olathe here!
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    Secondary fermentation or not?

    This is not true on our scale. Many people, including myself, leave our beers on the trub for a month with no trouble. Pros worry about this when they have huge conical fermenters and the pressure of all that beer on a little space can cause trouble. So with us, a flat bottom and very little...
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    AHS Irish Red Ale secondary question

    I'm confused. Did you do your primary in the glass carboy, or did you already transfer it to the secondary? It shouldn't be fermenting at all in the secondary. The term "secondary fermenter" is kind of confusing. Professional brewers call this the brite tank. It is for clearing only. Many...
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    Fermentation pics

    Refractometers are cool for when you are brewing, especially all grain. However, the alcohol in the fermented beer makes it harder to use after fermentation. It can be done, but there is some formula you have to use to correlate the results. I use mine only on brew day to check the different...
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    Smithwicks clone

    Plus, these kits are clones, not the exact recipe. You might not have done anything wrong!
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    What happened?

    Agreed. And you said you racked it back and forth a couple of times. That's just asking for somthing wild to be introduced. Although I know it can be done, I would never brew something and not pitch the yeast right away.
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    Thoughts on Draft Magazine?

    I signed up for a cheap subscription once, never got the magazine (they never billed me either). Never bothered to follow up.
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    2nd brew octoberfest suggestions

    You're going to get fermentation, sure. But the fact is that these do kot have enough cells for a proper pitching rate. That's one good thing about dry, they DO have enough cells. Like I said, it'll probably fine and let it go. I'd let it go for at least 3 weeks. After that, I'm not really...
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    2nd brew octoberfest suggestions

    Even with a Smackpack, you should make a starter. The Smackpack just wakes the yeast up. It doesn't start the reproduction stage. Google Mr Malty for a good pitching rate calculator. It will tell you the size of starter you need to get the correct pitching rate.
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    2nd brew octoberfest suggestions

    Some people strain, some don't. That's not any worry. 60F ambient might be a problem for lager yeast. Fermentation gives off heat, so your temp will actually be a few degrees higher. I would bet that it might have some funky off flavors. Also, lager yeasts tend to need a big starter due to...