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    Pellet Hops: Am I Missing Anything?

    I have brewed identical beers back to back, with the only difference being that one beer had pellet hops, and the other beer had leaf hops. (Isn't anecdotal evidence great?) There was no perceptible difference in the taste of the beer. The only differences were trivial: the first glass...
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    Making a wine kit in 5 gallons

    I am en experienced homebrewer, and most of my equipment is designed for 5-5.5 gallons. I am kind of thinking about trying out a wine using one of the standard wine kits from the LHBS. I have a 5 gallon better bottle that I have used for making apfelwine in the past that I would like to use...
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    is this worth it???

    Honestly, if it comes with everything that is pictured there (other than the picnic table, grass and fence :P), I think it is a pretty good deal. A SS pot can run around that much by itself.
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    Carboy/ Keg Cleaner Giveaway

    I'd be interested in one.
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    force carbination vs. priming sugar

    If you do prime with sugar, be sure to use kegs that seal up nicely with out a lot of pressure. I have a keg that needs a decent amount of constant pressure to keep it sealed. I dumped in the sure, and sealed it up with decent pressure, only to find flat beer with no pressure in the keg when...
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    How much beer do you buy each month?

    Buy beer? Surely, you jest.
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    American Porter Bee Cave Brewery Robust Porter

    I brewed this ag. I sparged a bit too much, and I ended up with around 6 gallons in the fermentor. It is simply amazing. My friends _love_ this beer. I think I am going to be brewing this on a regular basis.
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    how cold is to cold for you to brew

    I brew at my friend's house. Since he is too lazy to take the hose for the wort chiller inside, it is too cold to brew whenever the hose freezes. :(
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    Disconnect issue

    I took the disconnect apart to see if I could figure out what the problem was. I had put the pin in upside down the last time I cleaned it. Luckily, it looks like I had broken off a non-essential piece of the pin. Lesson learned.
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    Disconnect issue

    On pin locks, you would have to render the disconnect completely useless if you put it on the wrong post. Instead of a slightly different size, pin lock kegs use different numbers of pins on the bottom of the posts that the disconnect latches onto.
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    Disconnect issue

    Over the weekend, I took a corny keg (pin lock) to a family gathering. When I tried to put the liquid disconnect on, it wouldn't go down very easily. I proceeded to push on it pretty hard (terrible idea, right?), and the pin in the disconnect bent. I tried bending the plastic pin back, but it...
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    Maris Otter Substitute: US 2-Row + Specialty Grains?

    If you can find it, pale ale malt can be considered a reasonable substitute (not pale malt, it is actually called "pale ale malt"). I picked up a bag once for about the same price as standard 2-row(iirc the bag I bought was rahr). I believe it was designed by american malters to imitate...
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    My Belgian Tripel is still bubbling after 2.5 weeks

    I brewed up a super high gravity Belgian once and it bubbled away forever like yours is doing. It is actually still aging, but the last bottle I snuck out tasted amazing.
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    Force carbing at room temperature

    Depending how long the kegs are going to be sitting warm, you might also want to naturally carb them with some sugar.
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    Anyone use a 1/2" wand?

    If you are using the standard size spigot, it will still take just as long. The spigot will still be a choke point that limits the flow.
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    to sparkle or not to sparkle, the cider question

    Sparkling! Everyone loves fizzy stuff.
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    How to get started?

    The first edition of How to Brew is available free online . I personally don't secondary, so I would get a kit with out a secondary vessel. I would also drink 2 cases of microbew while waiting for your kit to arrive and for your beer to ferment instead of buying...
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    Stove is weak!

    You could also try adding insulation to your kettle.
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    Any of these chemicals harmful?

    Typically, with Fedex and UPS, if you leave a signed note on your door saying to leave the package, they will. At least, that is my experience.
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    Old yeast band-aid taste, neverending fermentation

    The airlock activity after you warmed it up might just have been CO2 coming out of solution.