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  1. dancingbarefoot

    NZ brewery offering lifetime supply of beer for return of stolen laptop

    NZ brewery offering lifetime supply of beer for return of stolen laptop 12 bottles a month is a lifetime supply? :confused: (Beats nothing, though!) :drunk:
  2. dancingbarefoot

    Labrador tea?

    While digging through my field guide to Alaskan plants (in prep for some fieldwork I'll be doing starting next week), I saw mention of Labrador tea being used in beer. Does anyone know what for? I'm assuming it's an additive, but what is it supposed to do for the beer? For flavor? There wasn't...
  3. dancingbarefoot

    He offered to build me brewing equipment!

    So I was out on what was probably a date tonight - it can be so hard to tell with some guys - and he brought up brewing. I asked him if he wanted to help me brew my next batch, and he was very enthusiastic about it. Then he asked what kind of beer I was thinking of making, and I said I...
  4. dancingbarefoot

    She threw my bottles away!

    I just came back from Christmas vacation to find that the cleaning lady had thrown out the cases of empty bottles under my desk at work (yeah, I have empties from departmental parties). Nooooooo!!!!!! :mad: You take the effort to wash and reuse bottles and then someone tosses them. **shakes...
  5. dancingbarefoot


    Most bizarre/hilarious thing I've seen all day: (NSFW, by the way) All I can think is, "Ouch!" ;) I can just imagine, though: "Honey, what did you do at work today?" "Oh, I designed an animated boob bouncer."
  6. dancingbarefoot

    Which of these bottles should I avoid?

    OK, it's time to bottle my porter, so I'm collecting up all my bottles. I have enough brown 22 oz. bottles to bottle the entire batch, but I'm thinking of putting some in smaller bottles (especially for events where I'm not certain I'd get the bottles back). I have the following 12 oz...
  7. dancingbarefoot

    Accidental venture into partial

    Uh-oh, what have I gotten myself into? I went to the LHBS today in search of an extract kit for a porter. Ended up leaving the shop with a kit, alright, but it's got a bag o' grain in it. Gah! What have I done? At the time, I was thinking, "Sure, that's no problem. I can just find some...
  8. dancingbarefoot

    ideas for second batch?

    So, I'm back after a long summer of fieldwork and stuff, and now I have a more ideal kitchen. Question is, what to brew? Aside from "something I like to drink," there are almost TOO many possibilities! What's good for a second batch, assuming a not-so-experienced brewer? Any suggestions would...
  9. dancingbarefoot

    What the hell is this? (or, "please help identify this")

    So I stopped at a garage sale this morning and found a bunch of homebrewing supplies. Sadly, no tap setup, but still, how often do you find homebrewing stuff at garage sales? (The best part? I offered him half what he wanted for it and he accepted. I thought he'd at least bargain with me for...
  10. dancingbarefoot

    I love garage sales - Grolsch bottles!

    I scored a bunch of Grolsch swing-top bottles at garage sales this morning. :ban: (The fact that my brewing equipment is 4500 miles away is only a minor setback. ;) ) What's the best way to sanitize these, out of curiosity?
  11. dancingbarefoot

    new meadery: Ring of Fire (Alaska)

    Fellow Alaskans and others interested in mead: there's a new meadery in Alaska! Ring of Fire Meadery opened up in Homer earlier this month. Article in the Anchorage Press about it here. Haven't had a chance to sample it yet, sadly, but a roadtrip to Homer may be in order just for that. ;)...
  12. dancingbarefoot

    How much babysitting does mead need?

    For lack of better term, how much babysitting does mead need? I've been wanting to try a mead (wanted to make mead long before beer, actually, but wanted to drink the results sooner ;) ), but because I'm a grad student who spends her summers and winter vacations traveling around, I haven't...
  13. dancingbarefoot

    LaTeX labels?

    Anyone use LaTeX (or TeX) to make labels? There's a cool example of neck labels here in the TeX showcase: (scroll down to Barnstorming Bitter) (examples) If I were going to do labels like this, is...
  14. dancingbarefoot

    Check out today's!

    Today's pic says it all: :drunk:
  15. dancingbarefoot

    First batch just gets better and better

    I brewed my first batch in late October, and sampled the first bottles the first week of December after almost four weeks of bottle conditioning. It tasted pretty decent at the time, but NOW it tastes even better. :D Went back home to Alaska for Christmas vacation, so I had to leave my beer...
  16. dancingbarefoot

    Successful first batch!

    Thanks to lots of help and assurance from the kind folks here, my first batch - a stout - was a success! Had a first tap party last night (if you can have a 'first tap' for bottled beer, anyway). It's been bottled for oh, about four weeks now. Tastes good! Very smooth, no off tastes. Success! :D
  17. dancingbarefoot

    Bottled stout tonight - low FG?

    My stout's been in the secondary for two weeks on the dot, and the FG is stable at 1.005. So I bottled it, which other than taking forever - sanitizing takes so long in my tiny kitchen! - went fine. Is 1.005 strangely low? The sample I tasted tastes fine, so I'm not worried, but I'd just...
  18. dancingbarefoot

    First batch (stout)

    Hi all, I'm in the process of making my first batch o' stout. Like all new things, I'm apprehensive that I've done it wrong. ;) Can SG be too low? It stopped bubbling in the primary, so I measured the SG and got 1.011 (assuming I'm reading it correctly). The instructions said to go ahead...