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    Help with bottle caps

    thanks people... are 29 wrong size. what I dont know you can wright a book about...
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    Help with bottle caps

    I have always used kits that have caps. so I took a stab at my own beer and got caps at my local brew store. And they dont fit my bottles. Im using corona and my guy tells me thy are a different size. the caps I got from the kits worked. can anyone tell me where I can get some that fit or where...
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    fermentation started again ?

    I started a batch of Brown ale 2 weeks ago and the fermentation stopped after about 5 days. Yesterday it started again. checked gravity and it was 1.013 I started it at 1.057. the temp in the room was about 72F with this heat wave it went up to 85. the wart was to active to do anything with...