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    Zonked mule (mulberry cider)

    Primary 75lbs mcintosh apples (or 5 gallons juice) 7lbs mulberry 2lbs brown sugar bottling 3 12 oz cans apple concentrate 1 lbs lactose Mulberries frozen thawed mashed when transferring to secondary squeeze juice from mulberries to top off. ___________ This so far has been my...
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    I have a bunch of nice fresh organic lemons but not enough to make skeeter pee out of 100% there juice so I was looking for other ideas to use them.
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    Gusher :(

    Well I made a batch of hard root beer and missed my pasteurization point so now I have gushers. Have stuck them in the fridge but would like to still pasteurize. There are flip tops so it wont be hard to release co2. If I just open them then close them will that be enough? Will I need to wait...
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    Beer noob

    So im one of those people that has been said often thats hated on here I say I hate beer. While only have tride Bud, miller, rolling rock, Old style, Milwaukee's best(o god but it was cheep) and dos equis( the best of them imo ). Ive herd repeated often that there's a beer for every one so i...
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    Carbing problems

    I used this recipe but with brown sugar instead of Dextrose. Bottled them in swing top bottles and one soda bottle to check carb level the soda bottle is almost at soda bottle hardness. But when I pour one of the ciders it fizzes...