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    FastFerment conical

    Has anyone else had an issue with the ball valve? I started to clean my today and the water just poured right through this. I did not notice while bottling but it might have been happening. I just put my c-ball onto it but am quite worried the next time I use it.
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    wtt or wts firkin keg

    What are you looking for a price? I have a beer engine and been looking for a firkin.
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    Thinking of opening an online homebrew supply store, need help finding wholesalers

    You are most likely going to have to jump in either with both feet. Why not just open a smaller store front something in the neighborhood of 500 ft. You can pack a ton of stuff in there for that amount of space. If you start online you are really only able to get people to your stuff that with...
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    Troubleshooting fresh Mozz

    Temperature could be answer. You could also be overworking the cheese. Are you stopping once you get the shiny sheath to it? Also when stirring the curd are you going gently with a flat spoon so that you are basically only moving the curd out of the way of the spoon or actually mixing it...
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    Please rate my process - 65% Eff on ESB

    How much did you boil down? If you had first runnings at 1.043 and then boiled down to 1.044 then you must not have boiled down to 5 gallons. You have to remember that if you are going into primary with 5.5 gallons then you need to adjust that in your recipe. Also just so you are aware...
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    Please rate my process - 65% Eff on ESB

    Do you mean you added your sparge water to your mash or your runoff. I am thinking he sparged and is just confused. Now way you mashed with all your water at once.
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    DIY Brewing Company Grand Opening Event 05/16/09

    We wanted to give a warm welcome to anyone from to come to our store's grand opening this saturday from 12-6 at 79 East St ludlow,ma. We will be having specials all day and I will have my all Columbus double IPA on Tap.
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    Yea 20 minutes from the time you hit that temp. 160 is really high I would try to hit 150-160 if it was me
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    Hop Supplies

    It really is not rocket science or a huge commitment noone is building a rocket here. A little time each day and making sure that the area you are planting can grown anything and you will be pretty successful. If you plant a rhizome in a spot where grass can't grow you are probably not going to...
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    hop rizomes

    I have hop rhizomes in my store. I charge 5 a piece with free shipping. I sort through my rhizomes and will typically not sell about 10% of mine because I dont feel they are in good enough shape to ship. All order come in sealed plastic bags with wet napkins in them
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    well i pre-ordered my rhizomes!

    Amarillo and Columbus are private varieties which are impossible to get. I saw someone on a craigslist said they had them for sale but I looked into it and it was a wild hop they said was amarillo which is funny since amarillo was never a wild hop. I have chinook rhizomes in my store for...
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    Growing hops in Massachusetts in Shady areas

    Sunbeam is suppose to be get sun for 4-6 hours a day. 16 hours would definitely kill it. I would reccomend Sunbeam, Cascade, Chinook, and something like columbus. I sell all of these in my shop for 5.00 a piece with free shipping(minimum order is 2)
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    How hard is it to make bad beer?

    I think it bears stating that you might be making good beer but making not great beers. This takes me back to my first brew 6 years ago which was an Oatmeal stout. I gave it everyone I could find and thought it was the best beer in the world. Now looking back at the moment I bet it wasn't good...
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    Nearly free, 3 commercial kegs

    That picture is priceless. You can also buy a kit and reuse the Sanke kegs and keg in them. I kits are a bit expensive but able to be done.
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    Water Filter Setup

    I just use a water filter that is for filtering water for your fridge. I put an adapter to run it inline with my water hose. It is really simple and easy. I use a potable water hose to run from my tap to the filter then I use a barb to connect it to my tubing. I will post pictures tomorrow for you.
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    Using Dishwasher pumps for Rig

    I was wondering if anyone had tried to use a dishwasher pump to move their liquid? I saw it on someones website but didn't know if they would work at all. If you have some cheap part numbers that would also be super helpful.
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    Single tier metal frame without welding?

    I made mine with an old 50 gallon metal aquarium stand. I just sanded off the paint and added BBQ grill paint and some cross over metal that is just screwed into it. It works perfect. Just and FYI they also sell a two burner gas stove at Sports authority for under a 100 bucks.