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    Do I need to add more yeast??

    Ok, I've made about a dozen batches of beer before without any fermentation issues. However, I tried my first lager almost 2 weeks ago and I forgot to check after 48 hours to see if it was properly fermenting. :smack: So after almost 2 weeks I finally check and the lid on my fermentation...
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    Adding chocolate to a cherry stout extract kit?

    I purchased a Dark Cherry Stout Extract Kit from NB and I'd like to turn this into a Dark Chocolate Cherry Stout. I read that using bakers chocolate is the route to go, but I'm completely unsure of how much I should add. This is the first time I will be modifying a kit, so I was hoping to get...
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    Yeast came pre-acrivated!

    I just received a new extract kit from NB and I noticed the wyeast 1056 was already activated. I started the brewing process as soon as the kit arrived and just noticed it was pre-activated when I started steeping the grains. I'm worried that this may have been activated during the whole 4 day...
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    BeerSmith - Where do I get values for the LME I need to add?

    Ok, I'm trying out BeerSmith for the first time, and I'd like to input my Dead Ringer IPA extract kit recipe. The specialty grains I found, but there was no option for the NB Gold malt syrup. I tried to add this, but I have no clue what values to enter for this. How do people know what...
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    Am I worrying for no reason?

    Ok, I was fermenting an extract brew that says to dry hop in a secondary after 2 weeks in the primary. I've never secondary fermented before and didn't have any 5 gallon carboys, so I decided to just rack to another 6.5 gallon bucket. The next day I noticed that I lost a gallon of brew due to...
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    My extract OG reading is off

    Ok, just finished making my 4th batch of beer :ban: and I was hoping I would be able to get a proper OG reading, but it was off yet again (1.054 instead of 1.064). So I searched the forums and saw that when topping off with water if you don't mix the wort and fresh water thoroughly (which I...
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    Google and Dogfish Head team up

    Not sure if this has been mentioned yet or not, but Google and Dogfish Head teamed up to create a new beer called URKontinent. Check out the link, interesting stuff! :mug: - Houdini
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    Why is my FG off?

    Background: I just bottled my second batch. First batch I forgot to take gravity readings and the batch (True Brew Amber Ale) still tastes watery after 1.5 weeks in primary and 3 weeks bottled. However, I was having major issues getting my range to properly boil my water, among other mistakes...
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    Need help with my water levels!

    I'm a newbie who has just finished making my first batch of brew :rockin:. While I wait for it to bottle condition I'm looking at getting a little more in depth for my next batch. I figured I'd get a water report to see how my tap water is, and adjust according to whatever beer type I decide...