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    Attempt at a Petrus Aged Red

    Has anyone ever tried to make a Petrus Aged Red? It's probably my wifes favorite beer ever and I'm looking for brownie points to support brewing. I have 10 gallons of an oud bruin clone that I added cherries to about a year ago. Is there something that I can make to blend with this that...
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    Hot peach chile ale

    I visited one of my favorite areas of colorado recently and, of course, went to the local brewery, the Dillon Dam Brewery. I've always enjoyed both the beer and food there, but this time they had 2 beers that really piqued my interest and thereafter my palate. One was a chile beer that...
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    Accidental sour fail and success?

    I also had another happy accident that has me wondering whether I need a set of clean equipment. I brewed 3 quick easy beers at once: a patersbier, a wheat ale, and a nut brown. They all turned out great, after bottle conditioning they tasted just like they should. I let them sit in storage for...
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    Accidental sour fail and success?

    Here's what's up: I decided to brew a batch of beer with my home grown hops straight from the bine. I collected one entire columbus bine just for this 5 gallon batch. I ended up picking in the morning and brewing around noon. I saved about a pound of the fresh hops for an IPA I was putting in...
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    wild hops help

    Are you local? Colorado Springs?
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    wild hops help

    There's tons. I don't think I could use that many in a year.
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    wild hops help

    Hello, out there. I'm in need of a bit of help. I found a cache of wild hops here in Colorado Springs and there's more than I can deal with. They smell just like The Columbus hops I grew this year. They look like they'll be ready in a little over a week. Locals? Suggestions?
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    " Wild " hops

    That's an awesome find. Check out the hops I found last fall, hopefully they'll be ready soon. Sorry, pics are loaded from my phone, I couldn't figure out how to get them to load in the correct orientation.
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    Recipe suggestions?

    Hey everyone, I have a ton of carafoam and a ton of 120 degree crystal malt. I'm looking to use as much as is reasonable in my next recipe, but I'm not sure where to start. I'm into really complex beer with raisin and plum notes. High gravity doesn't bother me. Any help would be, as...
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    wild hops

    Found some wild hops too late to harvest. When would be the best time to try a transfer to my garden?
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    Looking for a little input...

    Nice! Thanks for the help. Sounds easy enough. Appreciate everyone who posted. Where's the thanks button? I'll settle for the "like" button.
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    Looking for a little input...

    Thanks! I'll keep that in mind next time. Never considered it could be ph. Yeah first beer turned out pretty spot on for Avery old jubilation. Some people don't mind the taste of the experiment, but it bugs me. Doesn't negatively change the taste in marinades or in beer cheese soup. So...
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    Looking for a little input...

    Tips to avoid this in the future? Appreciate the input.
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    Looking for a little input...

    Used fresh hops that I grew in my garden, sorry I wasn't clear enough. They were sterling. Could the astringent flavor be from using too high a temp on the rinse?
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    Looking for a little input...

    Hi everyone, it's been a while since I've been on here, and i've run into something. I was doing a large all grain batch of Old Jubilation clone. When I finished rinsing the grain there was still more sugars coming out, so I since I had more water I decided to run another 5 gallons through...
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    TRUE STORY (photo)

    Sorry, Jon. My bad, my bad... SWMBO was the one rinsing and capping, I was just filling. She still is baffled as to how that sucker got in there. We had just washed sanitized both bottles and caps. Personally, I would've drank it still. What did the wife say when you showed her? When I...
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    Good deal?

    I came across someone selling 2 50# bags of Carafoam and 2 50# bags of caramel 120 L for $20. They come crushed. Is this as good a deal as it seems to me? And what's the best use for these grains? I'm a newb with all-grain, I've only done one Imperial stout. Thanks!
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    Homebrewtalk Carboy Cleaner Giveaway

    I would love to get away from that pesky carboy brush.
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    55 gallon drum of malted barley?

    Barrels were HDPE. $100 a piece is too much for barrels.
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    55 gallon drum of malted barley?

    It turns out that, according to the guy at Briess, the lot # says that these barrels are from 2005. That means over 6 year old extract not properly stored; Breiss recommends disposal due to age. I don't think I'll be buying this 6 year old extract.