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  1. CBMbrewer

    IBU's from whirlpool/hapstand

    I have found many threads and articles on this topic but they are all pretty old. I just wanted to see if there is any more recent info out there about how to calculate the ibu's from a whirlpool/hopstand. Anybody been keeping up with this topic?
  2. CBMbrewer

    6 Gallon Starter!!

    I am going to be brewing a 22 gallon batch in a few weeks and obviously want to pitch a whole bunch of yeast. Per Mr.Malty's advice I am going to make a 6 gallon "starter". So I am just going to brew a 6 gallon batch and use the washed yeast for the big batch. I have always understood that a low...
  3. CBMbrewer

    How's this recipe look?

    looking for something simple for the spring months. Was thinking about doing a us red ale. How does this look? 5.5g batch og 1.054 mash at 152 9 lb us 2-row 1 lb crystal 40 .75 lb crystal 80 .75 munich 2oz roasted barley Some classic us hops like cascade for about 35-40 ibu's with...
  4. CBMbrewer

    Amount of cane sugar and dme off flavors

    I am in the middle of brewing a double ipa and came up fairly short on my pre-boil gravity. I have usually gone with using 5% cane sugar with ipa's to boost the gravity without increasing the body and residual sweetness. With my recipe as is, 1lb would be 5.1% of the fermentables. But I would...
  5. CBMbrewer

    Flying dog citra dipa

    I have had most of the flying dog single hop imperial ipa's and they have all been pretty good. The citra, however, blew me away. One of the better dipa's I have had in a while. I have a bunch of left over citra from my last batch and was hoping to brew something similar. The brewery is pretty...
  6. CBMbrewer

    Sour batch for blending

    I was thinking about brewing ~6 gallons of either all lacto, berliner style ale or a mix of lacto and brett. I would let that age and sour then pull as many gallons as I need to blend with different batches. The idea is to be able to brew a batch, and instead of fermenting that with lacto/brett...
  7. CBMbrewer

    Only flame out addition

    I have heard that a lot of commercial breweries only do a bittering addition at the beginning of the boil and than a flame out/whirlpool addition for a certain amount of time. Specifically I have seen it stated in many places that Stone only does an addition at 90mins and then a huge whirlpool...
  8. CBMbrewer

    First infection!

    :mad: Brewed a Berliner wiesse a couple of months ago. The only things to touch the brew after I pitched the lacto was the first glass carboy, the racking cane and the bucket that it is now sitting in. The first carboy and racking cane got a 48 hour soak in bleach solution. I replaced the tubing...
  9. CBMbrewer

    Clips of Faith Been looking forward to this for a while. Until last night I have had everything on their list except for the Yuzu and Coconut Curry Hefe. Fortunately for me, on Wednesday a bar I go to...
  10. CBMbrewer

    Virginia Craft Brewers Festival!

    Going out to Devil's Backbone today to enjoy beers from 40 different Virginia craft breweries, eat good food, play some corn hole, listen to live music and of course spend the day outside in this beautiful weather! Anybody else going?
  11. CBMbrewer

    Batch Sparge Mash Thickness.

    I've heard a lot of opinions on this. I have usually used a 1.25qts/pound in the mash, then sparge to get my desired pre-boil volume. I have also heard that you should collect half of your pre-boil volume from the mash then the second, equal amount from the batch sparge. Or, to mash in with half...
  12. CBMbrewer

    Is it stuck?

    Is it
  13. CBMbrewer

    How much priming sugar for a keg?

    Due to lack of space in the keezer I am going to be priming my keg. I have seen many different points of view on how much priming sugar to use. Some say to use 1/3 the amount used for bottles, others say 1/2, some say 2/3 and even others say to use the full amount. I don't really want to get...
  14. CBMbrewer

    Which site is right?

    When I put the following info into four different priming sugar calculators I get different answers: 5 gallon ipa at 70*F with a desired co2 concentration of 2.4 Northern Brewer: 5.64oz dme Brewers Friend: 7oz dme KotMF: 7.11oz dme Homebrewing: 5.04oz dme Which one should I use? Which...
  15. CBMbrewer

    Priming sugar calculators.

    When I put the following info into four different priming sugar calculators I get different answers: 5 gallon ipa at 70*F with a desired co2 concentration of 2.4 Northern Brewer: 5.64oz dme Brewers Friend: 7oz dme KotMF: 7.11oz dme Homebrewing: 5.04oz dme Which one should I use...
  16. CBMbrewer

    1.5 gallon DIPA

    For sake of time, convenience and cost I am going to brew a 1.5 gallon batch of DIPA. I am going to use the grain bill given by Avery Brewing for there Maharaja Imperial IPA on their website: 93.8% - 2-row 3.1% - Victory 3.1% - c-120 I'd like to add a bit of cane sugar to dry it out a...
  17. CBMbrewer

    Hop Head Red Recipe - Final Feedback

    I've been playing around with this recipe for a while and am planning on brewing it tomorrow. My main question is on the bittering hops and the dry hop. 7 gallon pre-boil 5 gallon batch OG 1.07 Predicted FG 1.015-1.02 IBU 70 Mash at 154F 9.25 lb's US 2-row 3 lb's Munich 1 lb C-120...
  18. CBMbrewer

    Stater length and flocculation

    I have a two gallon starter that has been going for almost a week. It has been at about 63F to 64F the whole time so primary took awhile to slow down, there is still a little krausen and a good deal of yeast still in suspension. Not a whole lot of co2 is being produced any more. So are the...
  19. CBMbrewer

    More confusion with Mr Malty

    All I need to know is how to know what to set the yeast concentration Billion/ml and the non-yeast percentage when using the repitching from slurry tab. I harvested about 2 months ago, washed and stored in the refrigerator. I know how to use Mr Malty I just don't know what values to assume...
  20. CBMbrewer

    Pitching washed yeast

    I just want to verify that I am thinking this through correctly. Assuming that my washed yeast has about 2 billion cells per ml which is the default setting for pitching from slurry on Mr Malty. If I go to, assuming I have 50ml of slurry with 100 billion cells I plug 100 into...