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    Low watt density

    Hi all. I'm in the design stage of a rims system and can't find exact info on "low density immersion heater" what immersion heater will I need. I'll be using 230 volt in Ireland. Is there a min and max watt per inch required. How do you calculate yourself. I dont see any of them over here. But...
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    Newby, Fermentation seemed to quick,

    Thanks all for the help. Patience is not something I have in buckets full but I will leave it for the duration. I was just concerned that the krousan was gone but I understand now there is more to the yeast than just fermentation. It conditions the beer for a while after also. Thanks again all...
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    Newby, Fermentation seemed to quick,

    Hi there, this is my first post on this forum, and first on any forum for that matter. I got a youngs brew kit and made up a batch of woodfords admiral reserve (beer kit) on sunday night. I am fairly happy I did the process well. Aggitated the worth and all the rest. Before putting the lid on...