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    LG 3-md-hc pumps

    I need the money. I would love to keep these pumps but bills are more important.
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    LG 3-md-hc pumps

    Price drop. White- $110 shipped Black- $130 shipped
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    LG 3-md-hc pumps

    Price change $120 shipped for the white head $140 shipped for the high temp head
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    LG 3-md-hc pumps

    The pumps are used and they are 1/12 hp.
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    LG 3-md-hc pumps

    I am selling three LG 3-md-hc pumps. The pumps come with either the white head or the high temp black head. I would like $125 +shipping for the white head pump and 145 +shipping for the high temp head pump. Please e-mail me as my HBT inbox is small. [email protected] PRICE CHANGE $110 shipped...
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    WTB Chillzilla/Chillus Convolutus

    I have a chillzilla I would like to sell. E-mail me at [email protected]
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    Sanke keg fermentor conversion kit

    I'll take it if he falls through.
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    Nitrogen Regulator - Chicago

    Are you sure that is a nitrogen regulator and not a secondary co2 regulator?
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    RIMS for Dummies

    So the difference is just size, not functionality?
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    RIMS for Dummies

    What is the difference between 1/4 din and 1/16 din? Advantages/disadvantages?
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    Trade Chillzilla for a LG Pump

    I have a 3mdhc that I would be willing to trade. e-mail [email protected]