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  1. GBRbrew


    So my latest brew did not clear up like I wanted (2 weeks in fermenter 2 weeks carbing and 2 weeks conditioning in the keg) so I figured I would try finning with gelatin for the first time, heated water to 155, stirred in 1tsp of gelatin and poured it in the keg, omg it was like a high school...
  2. GBRbrew


    Pretty sure I got a bad regulator but thought I'd ask here first before I get a new one. I open up my co2 tank and pressurize the system I then shut off the co2, after about 24 hrs the high pressure gage has dropped to zero but the gage for line pressure still shows 10 psi after 4 days. So it's...
  3. GBRbrew


    Full disclosure, I know very little about refrigerators. so I bought a used fridge to turn into a ferm chamber but I still want to use the freezer to store hops and grain. My understanding is that fridges work by keeping the freezer at temp and just using a fan to get the fridge portion to temp...
  4. GBRbrew


    Not sure if this the right place for this if not sorry in advance. I picked up a sixer of fullers esb to tryout, poured it in a glass absolutely no head very little carbonation and just tasted bad. Anyway I'm just wondering if British best by dates read like ours (USA) if so this sixer was 6...
  5. GBRbrew

    Should i make this

    I have extra grains left over from other brews I need to use up befor they get stale. I just got some malt gems and was going to throw them in with it but I dont want something that's gonna make me puke lol 5# malt gems 8oz German Munich 8oz Vienna 4oz german pilsen Mash at 152 and hop it with...
  6. GBRbrew

    Ball lock conversion for brewers edge mash and boil with pump

    Hey guys I'm looking at putting a ball lock on my recirculating arm of my mash and boil but I cant find much info online. Anyone done this? Wondering if there's a kit or something. Thanks for any help
  7. GBRbrew

    Wort is oily

    Just wondering if I should be worried my wort seemed oily on my lips when I tasted it before bottling. Never had that before but this is my first dry hop 7# 2 row .5# victory Mash at 153 for 60mim 60min boil 1oz centennial at 20 min for bittering Ferment at 68 Dry hop with 1oz galaxy 1 oz...
  8. GBRbrew

    MO smash

    New to the hobby (4 batches) I want to do a marris otter smash next weekend. 3 gallons in the fermenter. My eff. Has been around 65% going to use 7 pounds of MO and Amarillo hops. 1oz @ 20 min (dont care for super hoppy beers 40 ibu about my max) 3 oz dry hop for 5 days. Just wondering if...