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    Session IPA Mash Temps?

    I'm just curious. What is everyone's strategy for mash temps on Session IPA's? I've always mashed at 150-152. Curious if I'm in the norm or if I should adjust higher or lower. Anyone care to share their strategy? Cheers!
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    Hybrid WLP001 and 002

    So with it being in the high 90's in San Diego lately I didn't want to risk buying the WLP200 Best of Both Worlds from MoreBeer and having it ruined in transit. So yesterday I bought two of 001 and one of 002 and made two starters with a 50/50 blend of the two strains in each...
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    PB Water Store

    I am curious if anyone on here goes to the PB Water Store in Pacific Beach (San Diego) as well to get their brew water? She mentioned she has quite a few brewers come in. I was wondering if we could bounce some questions off each other regarding the water chemistry.
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    Yeast Starter Temperature 80+ WLP090

    So I have been scouring the Internet for the answer to this and can't seem to find a direct answer. I prepared a 1.5L starter with WLP090 and pitched the yeast when I got it as cool as I could. Most of us don't have AC down here in San Diego cause it normally doesn't get very hot. It's 82...
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    Mosarillo IPA

    So we just brewed this one a couple weeks ago. We are on our 10th AG batch now and have seen significant improvement, especially in the last two. We did 1.25 ounce of Mosaic at 60 and 1 ounce of Amarillo at 10. We dry hopped 2.75 ounces of Mosaic and 3 ounces of Amarillo for 7 days. Lets...