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  1. Wort*hog

    30 gal conical

    Hopefully The picture gets up loaded! this is my 30 gallon polypropylene mix/fill tank. I removed the manway that came attached. Smoothed the top surface. Drilled a 3/4 inch hole for the air lock. Placed a cutting board with a layer of nonskid shelf liner over a layer of plastic wrap. Two 35#...
  2. Wort*hog

    Utah conical

    Just saw this ad. I'm not interested but maybe somebody might be.
  3. Wort*hog

    160 qt aluminum pot on ebay

    Just bought one $115 delivered. Comes with stainer and lid!
  4. Wort*hog

    Dang I'm tempted!

    If I had room I'd buy it. This ad has been online for less than 24 hours. If you feel that this ad is miscategorized, duplicate, inappropriate, or fraudulent, report it by clicking the abuse button below. Post Date: Mar 4th, 2008 Expire Date: Apr 3rd, 2008 Days Online: 1 days Days Left: 29...
  5. Wort*hog

    Dreaded airborn yeasts?

    Are they all bad? I have heard that beer was brewed long before yeast was understood. They are what we are trying to reproduce. That must mean some of those yeasts must have been good. has anyone tried to culture airborn yeasts to see what you get?
  6. Wort*hog

    Carbonating in secondary?

    I 'm sure this has been covered and I'm thinking out loud but here goes. In secondary, if you were to use a blow off tube going to a second carboy. The end of the outlet tube was submerged at a depth of 15 inches. The pressure at that depth is a tad over 15 psi. I reason that would maintain 15...
  7. Wort*hog


    I started 12 pounds of feedstore barley on its way to becoming malt the other day. I soaked it in a plastic fermenter overnight then drained it. I folded a towell in half,bungied it over the top then inverted the bucket. I have rootlets and can see the acrospire or what ever it is starting to...
  8. Wort*hog

    Corned beef in wort!

    Did a big all grain last night( 17#) Today I have 12 chunks of corned beef cooking in the Bayou cooker. I ran the water through the spent grains from last nights brew. It is sweet and smells good. Let you know how it comes out latter!
  9. Wort*hog

    Plus or minus

    OK I need some help on this one. I have this freezer that I made into a kegerator for my beer. There is a thermostatic control that has a sensor that goes in the freezer. It plugs in the wall and the freezer plugs into that. Essentually when the freezer gets down to the temperature you set it at...
  10. Wort*hog

    Cut or exstend?

    Been kegging for a while. I noticed something. Sometimes the keg will blow the sediment at the first glass and some times when the keg blows on the last of the beer. I'm sure it has to do with how close to the bottom the out tube is. I have enough on hand that I dont need to force carbonate and...
  11. Wort*hog

    10 gallon cornies?

    Searching around and found this; Must be really rare!
  12. Wort*hog

    Oxygenating Big why?

    I keep reading about the need to oxygenate the wort with AG but haven't seen any suggestion on doing it with extract. Whut'z up with that?
  13. Wort*hog

    Air tank for co2

    My neighbor is ready to follow me into kegging. He has a batch ready today to bottle or keg.I picked up a new 5 gal air tank and hooked a hose gas in ball lock to it. I got a quick disconect to go on an empty port on my manifold and a air chuck to fill the tank. I plan on filling and purging the...
  14. Wort*hog

    Wife is going to kill me!

    The lhbs was closed today and I was short on airlocks and stoppers. I remembered last week that my boys got a little rough with their woopee cushion and popped it. Waste not want not. The primary fermantation hasn't got going good yet but it ought to be tooting away when she gets home at 3 in...
  15. Wort*hog

    Dope for brass gas fittings?

    I always thought torque was the best sealant for brass fittings. I guess I'm wrong. What is best to use to dope brass? Teflon tape? parafin? Keglube?
  16. Wort*hog


    I was doing a Google search to see if anywhere, anybody had ever been arrested or convicted of home brewing or brewing in excess of 200 gal per household when I found this; Coast Guard admiral swallows cost of controversial beer brewing kit WASHINGTON (CNN) -- This round is on the admiral...
  17. Wort*hog

    keg disaster

    Kegged four cornies last week. Put 30 pounds on each one and set them out in the garage. buddy came by tonight and though premature we had to try a keg out. Went for the red ale. Pulled the releave valve. slight phisssst! tried the other three kegs. one had a slight phisst and the others had no...
  18. Wort*hog

    Leeking cornie

    I have two cornies of Mexican stye that have sat for 2 weeks I conditioned each with 1/3 cup corn sugar and put 5lbs of co2. I found one was not pressurized today. I tapped it, iced it down. It serves up flat. Should I change the plug with one from another cornie, force carbonate and tap the...
  19. Wort*hog

    Recycling co2

    Has anyone tried to recycle the CO2 produced in fermentation to dispense the beer from a keg? Here are my thoughts; Put a plastic bag in a carboy. Run a line from the fermenter to inflate the bag in the carboy. As the bag inflates it displaces the air in the carboy. Use a plug for...
  20. Wort*hog

    Buying used

    I have an opportunity to by some equiptment from a restaurant. It has changed hands and the new owners (leasors?) are not going to serve draft beer. The equiptment consists of a stainless counter, a two tap tower, a drip tray, Three kegs (small ?7.5 gal?) a large co2 cylinder with regulator and...