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  1. schooner427

    Dandelion Wine

    Wow. This somethin that I've been wanting to do, there was a winery in lansdale penna, that actually had dandy lion wine, they priced it at 50 dollars a bottle because of the labor picking the darn things,
  2. schooner427

    Does the bottle make a difference?

    There may be a glass quality issue but I've never encountered it. Some bottles just look better, I've saved certain bottles just for a particular brew cause I liked the bottle. If they are 12 oz and that's what you want to use go for it. Its your brew have fun with it, 16 oz if you like it, The...
  3. schooner427

    Clearing wine

    The kit you bought probably had you add some clarifiers when you racked it, prb two small packs of clear liquid, you dump in one and wait 10 minutes then the other. Most those are 4 to 6 week kits. If you like what your drinking,,,bottle it. Then have at it..
  4. schooner427

    Mr. Beer Home brew kit

    Many people here started out with Mr beer and still have them, I generally keep mine for experimental stuff. Have fun with it, don't be afraid to try new stuff beyond the basic instructions, after all its just brewing and as long as it ferments,,,,its beer.
  5. schooner427

    Possible contamination by chilling bath. Keep it or dump it?

    I would never dump anything until I know for sure its undrinkable.. although I've been known to drink some really bad stuff. Either way even if its just OK, its great stuff to give away to people who beg...may by they won't ask anymore...
  6. schooner427

    How dumb are your state/province's liquor laws?

    Yea your right. In Pa they have opened up beer sales to 2 grocery stores. Tried to buy a sampler from Wegmans and they wouldn't sell it to me because my underage daughter was in line with me. I was speechless. Haven't been in a Wegmans since.
  7. schooner427

    Growler Art and Compatibility

    Yes but in penna, I have noticed some brewery will only fill their own marked growlers and some don't care. Even if your state allows it, prob wanna call the berwery anyway.
  8. schooner427

    Beer Bottles colors

    You should be fine .. unless you installed a UV light in your fridge.. but then how would we know it was off if the door is shut...
  9. schooner427

    Stir paddle tarnished in StarSan

    Aluminum kettles turn black because of a different chemical process. Its just plain oxidation. Star San is an acid that deteriorates the metal itself. It actually creates hydrogen gas by trading off molecular structure of the aluminum.
  10. schooner427

    Stir paddle tarnished in StarSan

    Oh and I wouldn't use the paddle, if I remember right the aluminum turns to aluminum chloride, the acid begins to create hydrogen gas. The paddle was probably bare and had no oxidation on the surface or any other protective coating
  11. schooner427

    Stir paddle tarnished in StarSan

    Aluminum is a reactive metal that when comes into contact with acid can begin to dissolve. You may want to get a different paddle. The more concentrated the solution the more violent the reaction. If the aluminum is coated it may take awhile to see any reaction at all.
  12. schooner427

    Who else is brewing right now...

    Started a 2 gallon peanutbutter and chocolate stout as an experiment. Pitched a dry yeast and I guess we will see how the first experiment goes.
  13. schooner427

    Guess what I found in my keg of Witbier today!!

    Yea , just got home from work and went to look for another scotch ale....its all gone.....bummer, BUT I have 5 gal aging in a carboy!
  14. schooner427

    Airlock seal disaster!

    Lol... I would think most people have dropped something in the wort... I have extra grommets now just because of that... its that thought process just before you shove your arm up to the elbow into the wort .....that really goes like....... crap... what do I do now,,...where's the star San,........
  15. schooner427

    Startup Brewpub... Life is about to get awesome

    Awesome!!!! Best of luck!!!
  16. schooner427

    Pitched Yeast WAY to Hot!!

    Take a gravity reading now, and see if it changes later
  17. schooner427

    Pitched Yeast WAY to Hot!!

    You may get some off flavors from the yeast, if it survived. Definitely let have some time and check with a hydrometer to see if there is any activity,after 2 days repitch if there is no noticible activity... the wort should be OK otherwise if everything was well sanitized.
  18. schooner427

    Microwave Popcorn review

    I dunno... A little canola in the bottom of a pot, a cup of popcorn, put a lid on it and in 5 min or less I'm eatin popcorn. Seems just as easy as the microwave...
  19. schooner427

    Motorcycle Fanatics, show your ride(s)

    Can't ride today... might vs well brew, Scottish ale I been meaning to do. That's a 2000 Valkyrie ( mine) and an 1100 Yamaha Star ( my wife's) next to it.
  20. schooner427

    Star San Cloudiness (with pics)

    Lol. I always thought my star San was supposed to be cloudy. Didn't know it could be clear. Never saw it any other way and never really paid much attention to it otherwise.