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    Take it in the Keester Drew Peterson

    I am from Chicago, not that far from the scene of the crime - so it is accurate to say that I have heard far too much about this whole mess for far too long. It's really a weird case because they can't find Stacy and don't have enough evidence to get him for her death - so they are taking the...
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    Take it in the Keester Drew Peterson

    Not sure how to read your response, but I'm sensing sarcasm. It is one thing if she found out about the murder and immediately filed for divorce. But she didn't. Bottom line is Stacy knew for a long time that Drew murdered his ex. She was alright with it and it didn't stop her from cuddling...
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    Take it in the Keester Drew Peterson

    I was really disgusted and lost all sympathy for Stacy when I read that Stacy's lawyer testified in this trial that she wanted to use her knowledge that Drew killed Salvio to leverage her divorce settlement. I guess Stacy and Drew really were a match. This case is going to get tossed so...
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    Hefeweizen CO2 volume argument

    I don't think it is possible unless you have a bad bottle. I do wonder how many vols will make a bottle pop.
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    Weissbier Simple Hefeweizen

    Cracked open a 6er over dinner with the in-laws last night. They all loved them (my previous brews have gotten mixed reviews) and my sister-in-law wanted to reserve some of the batch for herself. I have a feeling I will be making LOTS more of this recipe.
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    Hefeweizen CO2 volume argument

    UPDATE - the experimental bottle did not have any issues after 3 months. I just carbed a full 5 gallons for 4.5 vols with no bombs (using TastyBrew's Priming Calculator). The bottles used includes Pacifico, Bud American Ale, bombers, Standard...
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    I have heard the Bock is one of the best cans of beer out there.
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    Not only was he a die-hard PBR fan - he was sh*tting on the other beer (I think Milwaukee's Best). The beer he thought was the best? The one he was sh*tting on...
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    Should I complain?

    This a troll? I feel like it is...
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    Beer related tattoos

    My wife thought it was an artichoke too...
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    Weissbier Simple Hefeweizen

    Just bottled. Tasted great. I am never in a hurry to drink my beers - but I wouldn't mind cracking these in a few days.
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    cleaning bottles with oxyclean

    I use about 1/2 a scoop and a little scrub brush to get any left over glue. Rinse them out. Then I toss them in the dishwasher with 2 cups of vinegar and they come out sparkling.
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    What do you prefer more in your LHBS?

    I like my place cause they have what I want and know what they are talking about. I pay a lot more than online - but I can drive over, get everything, and get brewing. I have yet to order online cause I want these guys to stay in business.
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    Weissbier Simple Hefeweizen

    Uhhhh think I did something wrong here (how could anyone screw up this recipe)... The wort is a caramel color. I expected it to be something more golden... Hopefully it looks dark because it is in the carboy and will look lighter when in the glass or the yeasties are going to take care of...
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    It is Cinco de Mayo - Best Margarita recipe?

    This is what we ended up doing. Pretty damn good. Used a silver. :rockin:
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    It is Cinco de Mayo - Best Margarita recipe?

    Lets hear em. I have to go to the store to get some supplies and want to make a margarita that is going to blow my mind tonight. At one time we just bought the pre-made stuff (terrible IMO - but easy) - I have tried a few recipes and have never been blown away like at some restaurants...
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    Beer Cocktails?

    The only one I have ever made was for girls in college. Dr. Pepper Pour 1 shot of Amaretto into cup Pour BMC lager Drink It tastes just like a Dr. Pepper if you hit the ratio right. Young coeds and MILF's will down these with ease.
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    Beer Not Appropriate for Royal Wedding

    If I could get away with what they can - I would have just about every drug in every form on the planet for my guests. They don't really get it... If this were a REAL celebration they would make the Romans proud and have every wine / beer / liquor available - tons of food - whatever their...