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    Bottled up my first batch! (Warning: long and rambling :))

    Well, my sister was down from New Jersey tonight, so I went into the "beer cellar" and brought up the beer in my grandfather's bottle, and his wine tasting juice glass. I remember seeing the video of the time lapsed aging of the bottled beer, so I opened it in the sink. Good thing. It...
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    Immaculate Conception IPA????

    Mary's mom was Ann and her dad was Joaquim. :)
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    Looking for a recipe that tastes like Molson Brador

    Not the crap they import into the U.S., but the yummy stuff they brew for the locals.
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    Shaking the Carboy....

    I shook the carboy (gently side to side) after I poured in the hydrated yeast. I gently slopped it around until it was a uniform creamy color then left it alone. Good thing I had the blow-off tube. :)
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    Holy @&$*! My airlock blew off!

    Sounds like a job for a blow-off tube.
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    Storing bottles during carbonation?

    On the custom made shelves in my grandfather's wine cellar. :)
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    Bottled up my first batch! (Warning: long and rambling :))

    I asked my 17 year old daughter if she wanted to help bottle the beer that she helped brew and she said "sure!". My wife looked sad and said: "Can I help too?" I said: "Sure!" so the three of us went down to my grandfather's wine cellar. It had been about 2.5 weeks of fermentation, and the...
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    First brew... Bubbling stopped.

    Near Binghamton.
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    First brew... Bubbling stopped.

    About 2.5 weeks.
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    First brew... Bubbling stopped.

    Yeah, yeah, I know. The gas doesn't tell you when it's done. But the expected final gravity is between 1.010 and 1.014, and it's currently at 1.018. I took a swig, and it tasted like beer. Flat, but not bad. I'm going to wait a few days, and check again. If it hasn't changed, I'm going...
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    help! carboy overflow

    I ran the my blowoff into a cranberry juice jar (about a quart) and left it overnight. The next afternoon, I had foam all over my bench. :o I put the jar in bucket and that solved the problem. All told I blew off about a quart.
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    First Brew, a couple questions..

    Do you mean after the yeast starts "working" or immediately after it's added? When I added my yeast, I shook the carboy until the wort was milky all the way through.
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    I have been in process of brewing my first batch of beer (Dunkelweisen). It is currently in the carboy bubbling happily. I'm now looking forward to bottling it. I had originally bought 24-22oz bottles, and the caps came in my Brewer's Best kit. I discovered that I was going to at least...
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    First brew, hot wort, and siphon

    I'm a total n00b, but I used a funnel with a strainer and scooped it into the carboy with a ladle (I have put 2.5 gallons of cold water in first). When there was a little left, I picked up the pot and poured it in. Then "topped off" with cold water.
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    First batch of beer is in the fermenter.

    Update: Less than 24 hours later, the carboy blew off about a quart of foam / beer. It's bubbling like crazy. I didn't set the blow-off hose in a big enough container, and got foam overflowing onto the table. I emptied the catch bottle, and put the bottle with some water in it in the...
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    First batch of beer is in the fermenter.

    I preloaded the carboy with 2.5 gal of refrigerated water. Papazian said that this would absorb the thermal shock. I had the carboy soaking for 3 days with 2 oz Chlorox in 5 gal of water. I siphoned the Chlorox water through my siphon tube into my bottling bucket, then rinsed out the...
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    First batch of beer is in the fermenter.

    For Father's day, my daughter and I decided to brew up the kit I had originally bought. She got a chance to see her great-grandfather's wine making setup (being converted to her dad's beer making setup). We took a 3 gal SS pot and did the deed on my mom's kitchen stove. The kit we used...
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    The "official" what/how YOU started thread

    I haven't yet, but tomorrow (Father's Day) will be my first batch... About a month ago, I was browsing the book section of a local thrift shop (like the Salvation Army). I usually go about once a week searching for "treasures". I found a copy of Papazian's "The Complete Joy of Home Brewing"...
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    Holy Exploding yeast bottle!!!!

    I've never heard the recommendation of wearing safety glasses when brewing beer, but maybe I'd better buy myself a pair.