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    Traverse City, MI

    I'm taking my family for Traverse City, MI in June for a few days. Can anyone tell me the best brewpubs or even best places to eat while we are there? Also looking for a good liquor store to pick up some Michigan beer. Has anyone ever tried the whiskey from Grand Traverse Distillery? Is it...
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    Crispin Hoeny Crisp Clone

    Anyone have any ideas on the type and amount of honey to use? Or yeast?
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    coffee anyone?

    I have a milk stout recipe that has become a house favorite. I want to add some coffee to my next one. I'm lucky enough to have a roast master in the town I work in, so I can get high quality, super fresh coffee any time. I'm going to use a peruvian blend. It's a dark roast, that's very...
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    Sour Bier de Garde?

    I've been planning on brewing a bier de garde for ever, but recently went to a belgian beer tasting event, and got the sour bug, so I figured why not sour the bier de garde? On Thursday, I took 2 pounds of grain and put it in a 2 gallon cooler with a vegitable steamer false bottom (my old...
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    Use without hydro testing???

    My brother in law recently gave me some old kegging supplies from his parents. They haven't been touched in at least 10 years. -10 pound CO2 tank -duel regulator -PBR tap handle -faucet (unsure of brand) -hand pump -bunch of nasty hoses that went straight into the garbage The CO2...