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    Faster Carb in bottle?

    I almost always try one after 5 days, there's usually always carbonation except for the batch I made after the temperature break when my basement temperature went from 72 down to 62. They aren't fully carbonated, but I still always do it. :)
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    I think I messed up...

    As long as you stirred it up good and it didn't scorch the bottom of your pot you should be fine. It's a good idea to take the pot off the heat while you add the extract and stir it, then bring it back to a boil so you don't get any scorching.
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    Honey malt in a pale ale?

    I've made an AG version of this It was pretty tasty.
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    Off taste in many of my homebrews

    My first porter and brown had an off taste because I was fermenting at 70-74 ambient. I could taste it in my pale ale also but not as bad... Once I got my temperature under control it went away.
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    When it comes to a gift for my wife... I receive an EPIC FAIL! A good place to find one of a kind and handcrafted items. I got most of my small gifts this year from etsy.
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    What should a Noob do with $50 at LHBS?

    Will an IC even fit in a 2 gallon stock pot? :P
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    Calling all IPA lovers...what are your favorite 3?

    Hopzilla Southern Tier 2x Founder's Centennial
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    Mini-Fridge Advice (Experts PLEASE respond!)

    I bought the one this guy used for ~$100 a walmart on sale a couple months ago. Right now i'm using it as a fermentation chamber until I find a cheap chest freezer, then I'm going to convert it.
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    How did you get your job?

    My college's alumni career fair.
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    Bayou SQ-14 question

    I just did my second boil with the sq-14 last night and had some issues. My first boil went great, kept 7 gallons boiling just fine. Last night it was a lot colder (probably high 30s low 40s) and I couldn't keep a boil going without the lid partially on. Is that normal? Every time I tried to...
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    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Brewing up a pecan porter tomorrow. Can't wait!
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    considering going to 2.5 gallon batches

    I'm not sure about your direct questions, but I saw a thread with 2.5 gallon jars the other day Of course you could probably only do 2 gallon batches in those. I think the easiest way to scale down ingredients is to...
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    Anyone have a REAL lion's stout clone?

    Excellent! Looks interesting for sure. :)
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    Will this work as a homebrew fridge?

    Did you see the sticky? It may be of some help
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    a sign or omen?

    triple rainbow????
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    It won't stop leaking...

    I used the #12 o ring 13/16" by 5/8".
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    Mixing priming sugar in beer

    I usually pour half the solution in at the beginning and then half the solution in at about 2/3s of the way through racking.
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    It won't stop leaking...

    Make sure you're using enough washers, I think he used cut washers and not fender washers (as home depot calls them) on the outside. I figured since there were 4 fender washers in that create a bolt pack I could just used those but it didnt work. I had to go back and get the cut washers...
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    Digging for beers huh?

    My grandparents had an old refrigerator buried in the yard and used it as a root cellar :)
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    All extracts have a similar taste?

    My "all my beer tastes the same" problem was fermentation temperature.