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    overflowing airlock

    So I have a honey blonde ale in primary right now and the head has bubbled up into the airlock. I already cleaned it once, came back a half hour later and it was filled again. Should I just let it go or keep cleaning/refilling it with vodka?
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    Looking for bottles

    Anybody have a ton of bottles in their basement they are looking to get rid of? If you are in the St. Louis area that would be preferred so I can pick them up. Help me out fellas :mug:
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    All grain boiling

    So my buddies and I did an AG Pale Ale today, and I thought we did everything right. But I was watching a youtube video that said when you boil AG wort you should keep the kettle lid off so things can burn off or what have you. We left ours on... is our beer going to die? (or just taste awful)...