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  1. Hiphop

    Left Hand Milk Stout (need advice/help)

    Hey all, I am looking for help with an All grain left hand milk stout recipe. I will post the full recipe below. I have made this recipe before and going to try it again next weekend. The recipe below is very similar to the real Land Hand Milk Stout but not an exact match. It is good but not as...
  2. Hiphop

    Boysenberry Blonde Ale Recipe Help!

    Hey all! I really need some help with a recipe for my wife. She loves a local beer that is a boysenberry blonde ale. Because it’s local from a small craft brewery there is literally no information online about how to clone it so I’m starting from scratch. Attached below is the brewery website...
  3. Hiphop

    White and black specs in beer

    I need some help! My friend and I made an IPA and are now getting some white and black specs in our beer. (See attached photo) no idea what they are but they sink to the bottom. The beer was kegged and not bottled. It was placed in secondary fermentation and then kegged. No off flavors and new o...
  4. Hiphop

    Help with adding fruit to blue moon recipe

    So I need some help with a twist on this recipe. Last summer I made the all grain version of this recipe and ran out, due to family, within a month. I did a side by side with the real blue moon and did notice a difference but was happy with the results. So now I’m going to make 12 gallons and...
  5. Hiphop

    Fermentation timeline

    Hey all, a few quick questions. I am currently fermenting 4 different beers all ales and all were brewed on the same day about a week ago. All 4 have finished fermentation (less than 1 bubble in 5 min). I like to use secondary fermentation to help with the clarity. What is the minimum amount of...
  6. Hiphop

    Looking for corny kegs

    I need some big help. I brewed too much in to short of time and need 3-4 corny kegs in the next two weeks. I have tried Craigslist, and multiple other apps and not finding much luck with reasonable priced corny kegs. Doesn’t matter Pin lock or ball lock or condition. As long as they don’t have...
  7. Hiphop

    Electric issue with chest freezer

    Hey all, I came across a small issue while turning my chest freezer into a keezer. I current have an older stand up fridge that I turned into a kegerator this past year. I quickly found out that the stand up freezer only fits four kegs which is not enough space for how much I brew so I bought a...
  8. Hiphop

    Keeper size help

    Hey all, I am starting to plan out a build for a keezer. I currently have a kegerator with 4 taps built from an old upright fridge. I only have 4 taps in this fridge because that’s all that would fit in it. I filled up my current kegerator faster then I thought and now looking to add some...
  9. Hiphop

    How do you protect sight gauge

    So I just installed a sight gauge into my keggle very similar to the one pictured below and it feels so fragile. I have the eyebolt in place with has helped a little but I feel like with as clumsy as I am I might kick the glass or catch it on something and crack/break it. It’s cheap enough to...
  10. Hiphop

    Questions about “Beer in Hand” Pale ale

    Hey all, I had a few quick questions about this recipe I’m trying this weekend. The recipe I found looks like a super simple low hop flavor pale ale. I am trying to fill my kegerator and the amount of hoppy beers that I don’t give much selection to my kegerator so I decide to brew a good crowd...
  11. Hiphop

    Mash water volume

    Hey I have been all grain brewing for about 1-2 years now and just had a quick question about mash water volume. Is there a certain reason to go with 1quart of water per pound of grain vs 1.5quarts of water per pound of grain? I usually do 1quart/pound because of limited space in mash tun when...
  12. Hiphop

    Kegged beer life span

    Quick question. Kinda new to kegging. How long does homebrewed kegged beer last in the fridge. The fridge is current set to 40 degrees and has five taps set up with an amber, two IPAs, a pale Ale and a Cider all homebrewed around the same time. I understand that the IPAs with lose some of the...
  13. Hiphop

    Yeast cell count by doing starter

    I was just wondering how much does the cell count increase by doing a starter. Say I start will 100 billion cells, by doing a 24 hour starter how much more cells would I have?
  14. Hiphop

    Choosing a brewing pump

    I’m looking to buy a brewing pump to transfer hot wort post boil between the boil kettle and the plate chiller and then into fermentation tank. I currently use a 15 gallon keggle with ball valves. This will be my first “real” brewing pump. After doing weeks of research I am struggling to find a...
  15. Hiphop

    Colorado Looking to trade for pump

    I’m looking for a hot wort pump/chugger pump. Willing to trade all or whatever you want that I have listed below. I would prefer local pick up (I live south of Denver but can meet in denver) If willing to trade, post a picture of the pump with the brand/model. Items available 3 different...
  16. Hiphop

    Stuck fermentation

    Help! I’m having issues hitting my final gravity! This is brew number 6 in a row that I missed my final gravity by 0.010-0.015. My starting gravity is spot on every time and fermentation lasts a full healthy 1-2 weeks. I use healthy good yeast everytime and use a temperature controlled fridge...
  17. Hiphop

    Clone Beers

    Hey everyone. I have brewed about 10-12 different commercial clone beers with various degrees of success. I would brew up a batch of a clone recipe of whatever beer I wanted and then after a month of fermentation and bottle conditioning I would do a blind taste test with me, wife, friends...
  18. Hiphop

    Deep clean of heavily used plate chiller

    Hey all, about a month ago I bought a heavily used 40 plate chiller on Craigslist. I thought I was getting a great deal on a 40 plate chiller for 50 bucks but when I got home and took a flash light inside I could see the wort in was almost completely clogged. I mean I doubt this guy has ever...
  19. Hiphop

    Easy amber ale recipe

    I am having a tough time finding a easy recipe for a amber ale using only certain hops from my garden. I have a ton of cascade, brewers gold, tettnang, Newport, nugget, and crystal. Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.