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    Plainfield/Naperville, IL Area Homebrew Club 2nd Meeting...

    Hey there! Long time since I've been about these sometimes gets in the way lol. Finally got all my equipment out of storage...its been there a good year while a remod at my home was underway. Needless to say it was exciting to get 2 batches under way the other week with my brother...
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    Free Bottle Opener from Beck's

    Wow..mine arrrived today! :mug::mug:
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    Best way to remove label glue?

    A Star-San soak will do it as well!
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    NOOB Old CO2 Tank Safety Questions

    "Here's another n00b question: Is there any problem with using Co2 that's been in a tank for possibly ten years or more?" Not sure...but I wouldn't bother with it considering the cost to start fresh.
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    Granite City "Brewery"

    Thanks for the link! I thought it an interesting process just from the blurb on their website but that link had more info on it.
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    NOOB Old CO2 Tank Safety Questions

    If you've a Praxair nearby...try them. I took a 20lb tank that was out of cert for over a decade and they just swapped it out and gave me a new one. Best of luck! :mug:
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    Granite City "Brewery"

    Just made it to a newer built one in Orland Park, IL yesterday for dinner. Thought both the food and brews were decent. Took home a growler of IPA. A bit costly at like $15 for the growler itself (neat design with a flip top etc. though...worth it to add to collection) and about $9 to fill it...
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    Euro Beer travels

    Great pix...thanks again for posting them! :mug:
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    couple of keg aging questions

    Well, first make sure your fermentation is finished at that 2 week mark. If so, then transfer over to sanitized keg etc. Hit it with some CO2 and then pull relief valve a few times to expel oxygen. Hit it again with like 30psi to help seat the lid nice and tight then let it age as appropriate...
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    couple of keg aging questions

    You can fill your corny and then pressurize with CO2. Then pull the relief valve a few times to expel oxygen and let it condition as you would in a carboy. I'd not let any of my beer sit in 90F weather personally. If you're trying to force carb fast by shaking etc., you basically are mixing...
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    Man, I love Apfelwein

    I transfer at three months from primary to another carboy for another 3 months of aging. When I do that I take my hydro sample and get myself a taste. mmmmmmm :)
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    Beginner Kegging Questions

    IMO... You do not need to worry about force carbing with that splitter unless you're wanting it forced immediately. I just hook up my flat brew to my standard serving PSI of 12 and let it sit. Within a week its carbed well and it has time to settle/clear which is a big plus to me. Also, my...
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    Beginner Kegging Questions

    I'm new as well but here is my thoughts.... will find out by it not holding pressure I'd guess. Use a mixture of star-san and water and coat all proper connection areas looking for bubbles etc. If you bought might be a good idea to change them out before you use them the...
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    CO2 tanks

    FWIW... When buying anything thats not new try and make sure its not in need of hydro testing right off. Theres a stamped date on the tank near the neck and testing is required every 5 years. Some shops (fire extinguisher, welding) can arrange a test for around $20 or so...otherwise I've had...
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    Free Bottle Opener from Beck's

    Thats complete weaksauce them wanting a confirmation at this point. I used 10min mail instead of my actual email to avoid the spam and I didn't see anything that mentioned confirmation emails whatspever. Oh well, I like freebies but this is no loss when openers are a dime a dozen or just a bic...
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    How about Three Floyds

    Love it there! :mug:
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    Wort Chiller Questions

    I'm sorta new and still do extract and steeping grains in partial boils. I've been so much happier brewing after the addition of my IC. Well worth the $50 or so I spent imo...and it was a fellow HBTer that built it and it looks/works awesome. :mug:
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    BierMunchers Rolling Kegerator (BYO Published)

    Very cool man! :mug:
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    Man, I love Apfelwein

    FWIW...I picked up 7 3qt bottles of apple juice from Walmart for like $18...they've been pretty consistent with prices.