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    Illuminated Switch question

    I am getting ready to order some switches for my Auber PID project and have a question. I am looking at this style Switch...
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    Arrogant Blegian???

    I ended up not using the Belgian yeast cake. I am all for trying something. The biggest reason that i did not do it is that the tipple still has some more fermentation to do. The other reason is that I think the Chinook hops would have been too overpowering anyway and not made a good match...
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    Arrogant Blegian???

    I am brewing an Arrogant Bastard clone today and I happen to have the yeast cake from a Belgian tipple in the fermenter. I am really tempted to try that yeast....Please talk me out of it...or into it. :mug:
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    Need false bottom/manifold idea

    Ping JayBird from this site. I bet he can make you one.
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    Jay Bird's False Bottom

    eff is slightly better but the sparge was nice an quick. It was hard to tell if the efficiency was better because this was a high gravity beer 1.090 I got 79% which is not bad for that high of a gravity.
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    Jay Bird's False Bottom

    I just used a Jay bird False bottom for the first time in a 15 gallon keg. I had been using a 10 gallon rubbermaid with a SS braid.. For those of you that think a a SS Braid works good, you only think that it does, Save your pennies and get a False bottom. I Fly sparge and it is 100 times...
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    Electric HLT Element placement

    My Current set up is a "Pol Classic" using a 10 gal Rubbermaid with the element through the bottom and an automatic stirrer. It works well. I plan on reusing both the stir motor and the HEMS coil. But I think that you guys are right that a 5500 watt element is a lot bigger and will stick up very...
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    Electric HLT Element placement

    I am making a new electric HLT for my HERMS. I am making it out of a 15 gallon keg. My question is on the placement of a 5500 watt element. I am thinking that I will put the element through the bottom and have the HERMS coils sit on the bottom of the keg. Is there any reason not to do it...
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    Malt Conditioning... WOW it rocks!

    Pol, Kai, Once again Great Advice. Once I started circulating with my HERMS I had to widen the gap in my Barley Crusher to prevent the bed from getting compacted. This cost me some efficiency. I am currently recirculating with conditioned malt and a fine crush. The difference in the grain...
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    K Type Thermocouple vs RTD temperature sensor

    Nice link, Thanks guys. one column made my decision for me...Ruggedness. other than that for the temps we are talking about both look like they would be fine.
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    K Type Thermocouple vs RTD temperature sensor

    I am about to pull the trigger on some PID temp controllers from Auber Instraments. I can't decide on the type of temp sensors to go with K Type Thermocouple vs RTD temperature sensor. RTD is a little more expensive but not enough to really matter. Does anyone have any advice? Pros or cons of...
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    new brew on yeast cake

    I just did an APA on top of a stout yeast cake, Just to see the difference it made. In a side by side comparison with the same beer on fresh yeast it is only slightly darker and tastes the same. I believe that all your hops and spices will fall to the bottom of your primary first then be covered...
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    "oaked" American Pale Ale

    I thought that too. I was going to use just an oz and it was 8 cubes. so I used 12. maybe mine weren't as dry and light as cubes from a home brew shop
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    "oaked" American Pale Ale

    I just Kegged up the “Oaked” APA that I made a few weeks ago. One word…awesome. I Cut up some white Oak that I had into ½ inch cubes and toasted them up in some tin foil on the grill. I turned them then every few minutes until all sides were dark but not burned. I added 1.5 oz to the...
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    Heffe with an IPA floater

    Why is it when a stand in front of my line of taps I can't help but feel like a 6 year old at a slushy machine and can't resist the temptation to create a custom blend. I have a Heffe on tap that a lot of people like and is very "true to the Style" but something about it is just to sweet...
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    Logo Thread

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    First Label...

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    how do I turn Edwort's heffe into a Belgian

    I decided to take the easy way out. I just used the same wort with 2 different yeasts. 3463 Forbidden Fruit and 3068 Weihenstephan Weizen. That way I can compare just the yeast. I do like the Spice tea idea, thanks They are both bubbling away. they both blew off the air locks. The 3463 is...
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    how do I turn Edwort's heffe into a Belgian

    I guess I could drain half off at the end of the boil to another kettle, add spices to one then cool separately. how much coriander and orange peel would be appropriate?