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    Heating Element

    Just build a EBIAB system and after 4 brews the finish is coming of my element. Anyone have this happen? Is it a problem?
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    My Biab System

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    Robust Rye Porter

    Has anyone brewed one? I'm putting together a recipe. Here's what I'm thinking. 10lbs 2 row 2lbs rye malt 1lb chocolate rye 12ozs c80 4ozs black malt .5oz bravo @60 Us05
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    Home brew Recipe Bible

    Has anyone brewed any of the recipes? If so what are your favorites.
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    Lalbrew New England Ale Yeast Temperature

    Anyone ferment with this yeast at the high end? My fermentation chamber is full and my basement temp is 68. So I will probably get to 72 or so at high krausen.
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    HDPE Fermenters and sunlight

    I was wondering if the HDPE fermenter block out the harmful uv light. I have a beer fermenting now and just noticed a some amount of sunlight hitting the fermenter. I have it covered now.
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    Hidden Coves Bucko Brown Ale

    Anyone have a clone recipe for this beer? It's one of my favorites.
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    Gas one kettle

    Home Depot is now carrying gas one kettles. Anyone have one? If so how's the quality?
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    Intertap Faucet Locks

    I'm looking for beer faucet locks that will work with intertap faucets. Any information would be much appreciated.
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    Lingering bitterness

    I just brewed a porter 3 weeks ago. I had the first taste last night and it good, but it has a lingering bitterness in the aftertaste. Will the fade in the keg? The recipe is 38 ibu's.
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    Rye Brown Ale

    Looking for input on a recipe I put together. Thanks 6 gallons SG 1.056 FG 1.012 10 lbs pale malt 2 lbs rye malt 11ozs chocolate rye 8ozs crystal rye 8ozs brown malt .33 oz. Herkules @60 1oz centennial @15 1oz centennial @5 US05 yeast
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    Hill farmstead George Brown ale clone

    Anyone have a clone recipe? I would love to brew something close.
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    Amazon Grain Mill Anyone have this mill? If so how is it? I need to replace mine.
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    House Beer

    Do you have a house beer? If so would you share the recipe. I've been trying to come up with a house beer.
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    Long Trail Hibernator

    Just had one and loved it, anyone have a clone recipe?
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    New to BIAB

    I'm a 3 vessel brewer, and have been pretty happy with my beers. I found a 11 gallon steamer boiler with a burner from bayou classic for a great price. I couldn't resist lol. I'm going to use it for biab. I hoping to make my brew bay a little easier and less cleaning. I plan on using my pump to...
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    Mandarina Bavaria hops

    So I got a pack of hops from morebeer. It was German variety pack. I brewed a Altbeir today and used 2oz of the mandarina bavaria at 15 minutes. At the time I didn't give it much thought, but now I wondering if it will be Altbeir. Anyone have any experience with this hop?
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    Rye Malts

    Has anyone used Crystal and chocolate rye malt together in a beer? I'm thinking about putting about 5% of each into a hoppy brown ale, along with 20% rye malt. Any thoughts?
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    What's your best American Brown Ale Recipe

    I'm looking for a good american brown ale. Something with a good hop presence. I've made a few that were good but not great. Thanks
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    Pump for homebrewing Anyone use this pump for homebrewing? I have one and it's made for use with portable water. It's good for high temp water as well.