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    ISO: sip of sunshine ft: list

    Looking to try SOS. I have access to Westbrook gose and shanes big dipa and others. Message if interested
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    ISO: prop ft: list

    Hey guys just checking to see if anyone is interested in giving up a GI prop for multiple mexi cakes plus extras of course. I'm not to optimistic on this one just wanted to throw it out there. Send me a message. Ps I would be able to so the trade for several weeks. Sent from my iPhone using...
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    Westbrook Gose

    This hit shelves today. I've been given the go ahead from the mrs to make a couple of trades over the next week or 2. Looking for possibly the following: heady, ghandi bot, bombs (I might need to add for this one), HF regulars, buffalo sweat, black note (wishful thinking). I'm open to...
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    Good extract stout recipe

    Could some one point me towards a good stout/imperial stout recipe in extract form? Thanks!
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    Church and beer

    I thought this was an interesting article about combining church fellowship around the social aspect of craft beer/ home brew.
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    Pennsylvania brews

    My mom is heading up to the Amish county next week and said she would look for some beer for me. Anyone have some good suggestions that would be easy for her to get that is not available here in SC? Thanks
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    Dry hopping a wheat ale

    I brewed a very simple wheat ale and added 1 oz of orange zest to the boil. I have some citra hops available and I was wondering if I should throw some in there to dry hop. Since its a wheat I'm not sure if this is wise. Anyone have experience dry hopping a wheat? Thanks
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    Beers in England/France

    I'm traveling to Paris and London in a few weeks for vacation and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on beers I need to try. I'm not too hopeful about the Paris selection but I'm sure there are some English beers I need to try or even some bottles to bring back. Anyone have suggestions??
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    Adding orange zest

    I am brewing an American wheat tomorrow and want to add orange zest. It will only be a 3 gallon batch and was wondering how much and what type of orange I should use. Thanks!!
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    Mexican Cake to Trade

    I have an extra bottle of Westbrooks Mexican Cake to trade? Anyone interested? If so what you got?
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    I need help with Ipa

    I am brewing an ipa this weekend highlighting citra. It's a 3 gallon batch with .25 oz citra at 15, 10, 5, and flameout. I want to use simcoe as well but not over power the citra flavor/ aroma. Any ideas on when to add it? Thanks
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    Citra ipa

    I am brewing a half batch and I want to feature citra. I am bittering with either cascade or centennial and was wondering if I should compliment the citra with simcoe. Any thoughts, ideas or recommendations? Thanks Brandon
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    Active fermentation but no airlick activity

    So I brewed 2.5 gallons on Friday and I know fermentation is occurring bc I can see it but there has been no airlock activity. It's in a bucket and the lid is tight and secure so I'm pretty sure there is no leak. Could it be that it's 2.5 gallons in a 5 gallon bucket? Any thoughts? Thanks
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    Pale ale or ipa using citra

    Anyone have a really good extract APA or IPA recipe using citra, simcoe, and/or Amarillo. I have plenty of simcoe but only a couple of ounces of the other two. I really want to use the citra since I have never brewed with it so I want to use it in combo with one or both of the other two. Ideas?
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    Propane tank size

    This may be a dumb question but I just bought a propane tank off Craigslist and wondered if it matters what size tank i use for my burner? The tank I bought is 15 lbs. thanks
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    Keggle build in columbia sc

    Does anyone know where I get some help building a keggle in Columbia sc? I don't have any of the necessary tools or first hand knowledge about the process.
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    Anyone ever use Muntons ale yeast?

    I'm brewing an Amarillo pale ale extract kit tomorrow that came with Muntons dry yeast. I know nothing about it and there is little info on the packet. I was wondering if I should be safe and use something I'm more familiar with like safale 04 or 05? Any suggestions? Thanks
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    Hop additions to amarillo pale ale kit

    I am brewing the Amarillo pale ale kit from Midwest and want to add some additional hops to it. I've heard the combo of Amarillo and simcoe go we'll together and want to add simcoe to it but I'm not sure when I should add them. The hop schedule is Columbus at 60, Amarillo at 20 and Amarillo at...
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    Calculating IBUs

    This might be a dumb question but why do different IBU calculators on the Internet give different values? Does anyone know a website that gives the most accurate calculation?
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    Where can i find a 3 gallon bucket?

    I'm wanting to brew some 2.5 gallon batches but can't find 3 or 3.5 gallon plastic bucket. Does anyone know where I can find one or can I just ferment in a 5 gallon one? Thanks