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  1. J

    Help me troubleshoot kegging problem

    Just kegged two beers and hooked up to a newly filled CO2 tank. I get pressure indicated for the tank (the horizontal gauge at the end), but both of the top two keg gauges reflect no pressure, nor is there any in the two kegs. I did take off the tank a week prior to fill. Any views on what is...
  2. J

    Thoughts on maltsters?

    Any opinion on these malsters? Or all about the same in quality? Thomas Fawcett & Sons Hugh Baird & Sons Malteries Franco-Belges Canada Malting Co Gilbertson & Page Best Malz
  3. J

    Superior Lager dry yeast

    I tried the Superior Lager (brand) dry yeast last night for the first time. Pretty sure my wort was at pitchable temps, I didn't rehydrate because I never do for dry yeast (always seems to work fast, one less step to mess up). I used two packets given they are 7 mg, vs. 11 mg typical for dry...
  4. J

    Relevant George Will column...,_no_civilization
  5. J

    CO2 empty already?

    I'm new to kegging, having just built my keg (critical components assembled by kegconnection). I've read 5 lb tanks last 10+ kegs. I just checked my pressure and it is zero for the tank pressure, and zero for each keg. This is with three kegs tapped (and more than one and a half left). That...
  6. J

    One hop rhizome DOA

    One of four of my hop rhizomes (planted in top quality planters mix in planters) has no signs of life after a month (Sterling). The other three are going OK. Is it typical for vendors to replace dead rhizomes? I've raised this by e-mail but no response. This was looking weak at planting...
  7. J

    Anyone ruin a beer with unpasteurized honey?

    I'm brewing a saison tomorrow, with 1 lb of honey. I did a search here to get a sense of what people have done (boil, pasteurize, or just put in the secondary), but haven't read one person who spoiled a beer putting it directly in fermenting wort (or at the peak of primary fermentation to the...
  8. J

    Training horizontally

    Received my rhizomes from DIY last week, and am currently scouting out locations for best sun to plant my Cascade, Mt. Hood, Sterling, Willamette. I'm planning on training them horizontally along 20' of twine, partly for ease of harvest and partly for aesthetics in the back yard). Anyone do...
  9. J

    S-23 at 65F-70F?

    Anyone use S-23 at higher temperatures, as an ale? How did the beer end up compared to using an ale yeast (US-05)? Would you recommend this? I have an extra packet of this and was debating to use it for a simple American Ale. Thoughts?
  10. J

    Critique this Biere de Garde

    Looking to brew this today. Any thoughts? Batch Size: 5.00 gal Boil Size: 6.41 gal Estimated OG: 1.078 SG Estimated Color: 9.9 SRM Estimated IBU: 30.0 IBU Brewhouse Efficiency: 72.0 % Boil Time: 60 Minutes Ingredients: ------------ Amount Item...
  11. J

    Need to tape threads?

    I have made considerable process on my kegerator, having installed the tap tower last weekend. It looks very good in my converted Marvel wine fridge... Before putting together the CO2 and regulator (and running Star San through to sanitize the line), do you need to tape the regulator thread...
  12. J

    Where to buy CO2 in SW CT?

    I'm well underway for putting together my kegerator (thanks to and a wine fridge that I'll be converting over the next few weeks). Anyone have a good referall for Stamford, Norwalk area for CO2 refill (with my tank). I've made a few calls and it's like $26 for 5 lbs. Sound...
  13. J

    Clear or black tubing?

    I am going to start converting a wine fridge to a kegerator. It has a glass door, so I was thinking of using black vinyl tubing rather than clear to avoid potential problems with sunlight. Anyone think there is value to clear tubing, to see cleanliness?
  14. J

    Minor keg questions

    Are quick disconnects really needed? If so, why? Are elbow shanks needed for tower setup? Other alternatives? Best source for parts? Kegconnection? I've ordered some Shirron's from ebay today so I'm going to start collecting parts. I just hate bottling.
  15. J

    Sanitized bottles couple of weeks ago

    And covered them in a plastic tub. Do I need to re-sanitize them or are they good to go?
  16. J

    Lager not done?

    I haven't brewed many lagers (this was my first decoction) and was about to bottle this weekend until I took hydrometer readings approaching 1.03. This was a Vienna lager with OG of 1.05, using Saflager S-23, and four weeks of fermenting at ~50F. I recall saccrification may have been on the...
  17. J

    Converting wine fridge

    I just bought a house with a very nice wine/beverage fridge (Marvel). It has four levels for can sodas, two for wine, and since I already have a good wine cooler (all wine) and never really drink sodas, I think I'll convert this to a very nice kegerator. It has a glass door, and I've already...
  18. J

    What system is easiest to clean?

    Right now, I have a mash tun and brew kettle that I can carry easily to the tub to clean. I'm looking to upgrade to something for less lifting and more control, but want to keep cleaning to a minimum. What systems out there have easier cleanup, or are they all about the same?
  19. J

    Feedback on Vienna Lager recipe

    Any feedback on the malt bill on this? Amount Item Type % or IBU 5.00 lb Vienna Malt (3.5 SRM) Grain 50.00 % 3.00 lb Munich Malt (9.0 SRM) Grain 30.00 % 1.00 lb Caramel/Crystal Malt - 40L (40.0 SRM) Grain 10.00 % 1.00 lb White Wheat Malt (2.4 SRM) Grain 10.00 % 0.50 oz Hallertauer...
  20. J

    Big thumbs up for North Country Malt

    I recently ordered about 150 pounds of malt from They sent me a bag of Munich instead of my ordered Pilsner, but they more than made up for it by letting me keep the Munich (what a pain it would have been to return it) and quickly sent me the Pilsner. In New York, they...