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    Hops garden pests

    Anyone know what these little bugs are?
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    Hops garden pests

    This season I started a hops garden in my backyard with 2 rhizomes each of cascade and nugget. The hops are up the trellises now and just growing back and forth with flowers already budding which is exciting to see. I have been battling pests though. I love in San Antonio, TX and early on I...
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    Firestone Double Barrel Clone

    I am interested in brewing this as well using a freshly dumped whiskey barrel I'm picking up this weekend. Any suggestions for when and for how long to incorporate the barrel?
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    Recipe Suggestions for New Whiskey Barrel?

    I am picking up a freshly dumped whiskey barrel from Ranger Creek Brew-stillery here in San Antonio this weekend and I am pretty excited. I got the notice there were a limited number available and snapped one up, but since it was unplanned, I don't know what to use it for first. I'd like to get...
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    Degassing my Pinot Noir kit

    Thanks for the insight!
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    Degassing my Pinot Noir kit

    I am working the same kit, i think, and its my first attempt with wine as well. I had some questions about aging and general timeline that the kit directions seemed a little fuzzy on. My wine sat in the primary for 10 days because I was waiting on a larger carboy for the secondary fermentation...
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    Experimental Hops from

    Looks like they have 1oz of both available: Chocolate: Lemon Drop:
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    Experimental Hops from

    dawgmatic, how did the ales turn out? really interested in the chocolate coconut flavor and aroma profiles
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    yeast won't cake in bottle

    Did you use any moss or whirlfloc tablet in the boil?
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    Drinking for the 4th...

    World Market had a sale on today 30% off of build your own six packs. My inlays cleaned their local store out of Dogfish Head 60 and 90 and all the left hand stout they had!
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    What time do you brew?

    I am living in an apartment and have a 15 month old, so I am limited to indoor brewing (partial mash) and when-he-is-asleep timeframe. I tend to start around 10PM and wrap around 1AM on brew-day. Racking and bottling are also relegated to the time I should be sleeping but am not.
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    Too Fancy Too Soon (?)

    This spring I started homebrewing with a canned kit and transitioned to partial mash kits before building my own partial mash recipes. The first recipe I built was for a robust porter but rather than being satisfied with a solidly built BJCP guidelined beer, I felt it necessary to add something...
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    Just pitched my first batch of washed yeast!

    Let us know what kind of lag time you saw!
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    Beer with Pecan flavor

    I can vouch for this one. (512) is a small local brewery here in Austin and only sold through restaurants, bars, movie theaters, etc or my fridge would be stocked with it. The pecan lends itself very well to the robust porter and is lighter than wood chips would be.
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    Yeast Washing Illustrated

    I just discovered this thread today and read through the first 20 pages before skipping to the end. There was a post linking to an online calculator early on that might help you. The direct link to the calculator is here