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    Bottle Carbing Question

    not sure if this is the right forum or if it should go in the cider forum, but I have a general question about carbing. Do larger bottles carb at a different rate than smaller bottles? I bottled a cider last weekend that had numerous posts about bottle bombs if it is not pasturized at the...
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    Latest Brew... Big Double IPA

    I don't know when I will stop posting to the beginners forum, but I still feel like a novice so here it is. Yesterday, I started my 3rd brew (4th if you count my cider) and it was a Big Double IPA recipe from one of my local Homebrew supply stores. The recipe is below, 10+ pounds of...
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    Getting ready for my 3rd Extract (need recomendations)

    Gonna do my 3rd extract next weekend and want some suggestions. My Sister and Brother In Law are coming down in 2 months to visit and he recomended something "hoppy". Obviously I could throw together a 90 minute IPA or something simple like that, but wanted to get some creative...
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    Questions about the hot break

    So I did my second extract brew last weekend and have some questions about the hotbreak (or lack of hot break). I am using a turkey friar and have been doing partial boils (2.5 gallon) in a 20 qt. pot. I do not get a clean hot break through the entire 60 minute boil and am constantly misting...
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    Learning flavors and how they relate to ingredents

    For the first few years of my drinking life, I enjoyed liquor (high end vodkas straight up, Scotch, Tequila, etc) and would have a beer from time to time. When I started liking beer, I did not do a great deal of experimenting. I would find a beer that I liked somewhere and stuck with it. I...
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    Is this gluten free?

    Is the cider recipe from this thread gluten free? I have a friend that adheres to a gluten free diet and want to surprise her with some of this. I will be omitting the campden tablets from the original recipe as I want it carbonated...
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    Magic Hat #9

    Has anyone tried the Magic Hat #9 extract kit from Austin Homebrew Supply? I am thinking about ordering this for my second kit, as I have a taste for #9 and have a bunch of friends that love it. How close was the kit to the real deal following the instructions to the letter? Did you choose...
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    Immersion Chillers

    So I am sure that this topic has been beaten to death, and I apologize if I am just digging up an old topic for the millionth time, but I got to thinking about building my immersion chiller. Thinking leads to drinking and drinking leads to the inevitable… Math I have seen a good deal of...
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    Screwtop buckets

    Anyone use Screwtop buckets for primary/secondary fermentation? I got regular buckets with my starter kit and I am thinking the seal for the lid is bad as I am getting no activity in my airlock on my very first brew, but it seems to be fermenting away. I have been leaning towards a glass...
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    Sorry to be that guy.... question about my first brew

    So I recently decided to try my hand at brewing. My wife and I took a class at a local supply shop and she bought me a starter kit for Valentines day. I supplemented the kit with a few odds and ends and did my first extract brew with specialty grains over the weekend. The brew was good, I...