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    Critique my first extract recipe ever! Summer Road Trip West Coast IPA

    Dudes and dudettes, I've mostly been a recipe-follower kind of extract brewer. I'm working on my first recipe to take on a late-summer road trip, and which hopefully I can refine into my "House IPA." I'm going for something light and smooth and drinkable but still distinctly an IPA. I put...
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    More time in primary or more time in bottle?

    So I made the following recipe, except I added about 1.5 pounds of DME, ending up with an OG of 1.070: _______________________________________________________________ Holiday Prowler 5 gallon/19 L, extract with grains; OG = 1.058; FG = 1.014; IBU = 19; ABV = 5.8% Ingredients: 4.0 lbs...