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    Over primed my IPA

    That's about 2/3 cup. I usually use more like 1/3 to 1/2 cup (table sugar) for 5 gals in my IPA (closer to CO2 of 2.0). If you're really worried about it you could let the sugar ferment off and then re-prime and bottle.
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    GF Black ipa "all grain" recipe - single infusion mash

    That's pretty good for millet, from what I understand. You do BIAB? What temp? How long? Mine was a 2hr+ mash at 163 degrees
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    GF Black ipa "all grain" recipe - single infusion mash

    If I assume max yields of 28 ppg for the pale millet and 25 for the unmalted dark millet and the buckwheat, and I assume that I got 100% from the flaked corn, then that leaves me at 81% from the millet and buckwheat. LD Carlson brand amylase. It's an alpha amylase. Not sure what the white labs...
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    GF Black ipa "all grain" recipe - single infusion mash

    I do gf (for my wife) and conventional (for me) all grain using the same system, so I can provide some comparison. I use pH strips to check pH in the mash. I usually do this about 2 min after strike and again after about 10-15 min. My water (out of the tap) is mildly alkaline (~7.5) with very...
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    GF Black ipa "all grain" recipe - single infusion mash

    Grain 6 # grouse malted pale millet 2 # grouse unmalted dark roast millet 2 # buckwheat 4 # flaked corn Mash at 163 deg for 120 min in 4.5 gals. Add to mash: 2.7 g CaCl 8.1 g CaSO4 1.5 tsp amylase 3 tbsp 5.2 stabilizer After mash add (reason for quotes on "all grain"): 1 lb...
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    Recipe Help - Gluten-free IPA

    That much candi syrup and honey may make it pretty dry for an ipa. Not sure how much nonfermentable sugar is left by sorghum. I've been using millet as my base, and it's no 2-row. Can't handle 50% sugar adjuncts and give the body I want. Can't wait to hear your results.
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    Black ipa - what hops for dry hopping?

    17# 2-row 1.5# carafa iii Mashed at 160 for 60 min 2.7 g Call 8.1 g CaSO4 0.5 tsp amylase 1 tbsp 5.2 stabilizer 0.75 oz Chinook @ 90 min 0.5 oz Chinook @ 60 min 1.0. Oz Chinook @ 30 min 1.5 oz simcoe pellets @ 15 min 2.0 oz simcoe @ flame out I just moved this to...
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    Simple venturi aeration technique

    I dig it. I'm going to use it on my next batch. Way better than my current method of holding the receiving carboy and shaking it around as it fills :D
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    Gluten Free Black IPA

    OOPS. Newbie and didn't mean to restart old thread. I thought this had popped into my list as a new post, but it turned out not to be new at all. Now I cant delete it. I have a gf black ipa in primary. I'll post my recipe when I get a chance. I used malted pale millet as my base. Added a little...
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    Slow start for gluten free black ipa

    I've been lurking for my first few batches, but this is my first post. I started a gf black ipa saturday. It's off to a very slow start. 3rd day and I get one bubble in the airlock every 30 sec or so. Yeast is s-04, og was 1.072, ambient temp is 59 constant. Grain bill is malted pale millet +...