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    Too much headspace in secondary

    I racked a czech amber lager to secondary about 15 minutes ago and then realized there's way too much headspace. I only got about 4.5 gallons, so there's over half a gallon of space in the carboy. That's going to oxidize the beer during lagering, which I obviously don't want. My options: (1)...
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    Hot Alcohols, fix with brett?

    I made my first WLP 644 (Sach. Bruxellensis Trois) beer. I racked to a keg today and tasted the hydrometer sample. The beer had a lot of mertis that suggest a good-start recipe, but the beer had a lot of fussel alcohols. I'm not talking a little sharp, I'm talking burning sensation at the...
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    San Diego Pub recommendation

    Can I get some recommendations on a San Diego pub to visit for brett, sour and barrel aged type beers? Any other recommendations for craft beer experiences that are a must-do in San Diego will also be appreciated.
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    Old Bottling bucket and a sour beer

    I have a sour that's been in secondary for 15 months. It's time to bottle! However, it's a sour and I don't relish the idea of getting it all over my usual bottling setup (from a corny). So, I was thinking of bottling using my old bottling bucket. That bucket is almost 11 years old. It's...
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    pH estimates from Bru'n Water

    I noticed an odd think in Bru'n Water the other day that I don't really understand. I've always just used RA for estimate my mash needs and it has served me well. I don't own a pH meter as I'm reluctant to add all that fuss with calibration, lifespan and so on, given the cost. But I'm...
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    Best Domestic Hops for German and Belgian beers

    I am starting to think about a bulk hop order and was wondering what domestic hops people like for German and Belgian style brews. Or if people would with confidence (not mere prejudice) steer me in the direction of getting the real thing. Or both.
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    Insulating Pad

    I want to make a simple insulating pad, about 12cm x 12cm, that velcro to the outside of my fermentor over the probe of my stc-1000 temperature sensor. It should be durable, unharmed by water, and provide enough insulation to keep the probe at beer temp as heat works through the stainless wall...
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    How I probably ruined 5 gallons of beer...

    I just discovered that after turning off the heater on the fermenter in my garage, it cooled off enough to have sucked water from the blow off back into the fermenter.
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    American Stout Recipe

    Talk me into it, or talk me out of it: Stout 20-B American Stout Size: 5.25*gal Efficiency: 75.0% Attenuation: 75.0% Calories: 216.92*kcal per 12.0*fl oz Original Gravity: 1.065 (1.050 - 1.075) Terminal Gravity: 1.016 (1.010 - 1.022) Color: 46.36*SRM (30.0 - 40.0) Alcohol: 6.41%...
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    Odd Hop issue

    I just kegged an IPA. The hop schedule was 2 oz. Citra, 15 min whirlpool at 200, then dry hoped for 10 days with 1oz. Columbus and 2 oz. Simcoe. It had nice but not huge hop aroma when I dry hopped and it has pretty strong hop character now, but the hop character was, well, out of character...
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    I think I may switch back to Iodophor

    I've been using StarSan for years. Before that, I use used Iodophor for years. I never had a single problem with beer as a result of either. So, since Iodophor costs less, I'm thinking about getting a bottle to see if it's time to go back. I hear people talk about storing starsan, but that...
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    Questions after first sample of Sour Beer

    I made my first sour beer, pitched in January, added oak and have been aging about six months. Though I didn't really expect it to be ready, I decided to taste just a bit today. I made it with white labs sour ale blend (655) and a bunch of southern german lager yeast, IIRC. Fermented in primary...
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    Brewery Pump Set Up

    For my up coming birthday, I think I want a chugger pump with steel heads to help with lifting and to recirculate through a plate chiller. Is there anything that I will really want to go with it besides a ball valve and barb fittings? Also, before I do this, the pump can handle small debris...
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    What is this pest?

    Here's a picture. It's like a tiny caterpillar, the top leaf (possibly left, we'll see with it auto rotates..) has a bigger one the bottom several small ones.
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    pH Meter Worth the cost?

    I am buying a Lamotte water test kit because my municipal water changes a lot. There is a "plus" version that includes a pH meter for an extra 70 bucks. That's a good price for meter but... Can people with a pH meter chime in: assuming I know the parameters of my water from a test a recent...
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    Secondaries and dry hops

    I have heard that some brewers use a secondary when dry hopping. What advantage would this bring? I don't harvest yeast from fermenters, so that's not a thing for me.
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    My IPA--Comments and suggestions

    8 lbs. GW 2 row 4 lbs. Baird's Maris Otter .5 lbs. GW C-15 1 oz Citra 60 1 oz Chinook 60 1 oz each Chinook, Citra, Simcoe, 30 min whirlpool 3 oz Simcoe dry hops 1 oz Columbus dry hops (double dry hopped three days apart or so) WLP 001, 250 bil cells, fermented at 68 Moderately sulfate water...
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    cleaning the inside of a plate chiller

    I've been using a plate chiller for 5 years and it has served me well. After a particular incident involving a big clump of trub running into it, it has slowed down--wort doesn't pass through efficiently anymore. I've tried PBW but it still seems little clogged. It's copper and stainless on...
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    Head Space for sour in secondary

    Conditioning my first sour. I'm pretty sure there's not enough space in my carboy. The beer is all the way up to the neck. Is that too little headspace?
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    Hearing Bell's Side

    So, Bell's is evil and trying to smack down the little guy. [Edit: for clarity's sake, this was supposed to be an ironic comment.] Here's some food for thought: (1) Bell's is not trying to stop Innovation Brewing from using the name Innovation Brewing. (2) Bell's is trying to prevent...