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    My Method and Efficiency

    I'm wondering if anyone else is doing this? I mash in a cooler and use a mash out. My method is to add the strike water aiming for a 152F mash. After 40 mins or so I lift and drain the bag. I lower the bag back in and add the rest of the water aiming for 168F mash out for 10 mins. The first...
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    iSpindel in Sankey

    Anyone using an iSpindel in a Sankey keg? I am wondering if the Wifi will connect. Also anyone tried the Float? Thanks!
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    Tilt Pro in Sankey

    Anyone have any tips or tricks to get a Tilt Pro out of a Sankey? It just fit going in but no amount of shaking gets it out. Some day the battery will die and then I'll have to get it out. Oh ****, just had an idea. If I fill it maybe it'll come out the top since it floats?
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    Morebeer Deluxe Counter Pressure Filler

    Any advice on the use of the Morebeer Deluxe Counter Pressure Bottle Filler? I'm guessing that I leave the keg connected to CO2 at serving pressure of around 10psi. Connect CO2 side of filler at also around 10psi. Turn on the CO2 on the filler with a little flow and insert in the bottle...
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    Ss Brew Kettle vs Spike

    I'm going to get a new 10G kettle. I will only be using it for the boil as I mash in a cooler using BIAB. I have an induction stove top. I'm tired of lifting my current 8G kettle so will love letting gravity carry my wort to the fermenter. I figured I'd go for the TC fittings and am deciding...
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    Tilt in Sankey

    I recently bought a Sankey keg to pressure ferment in and the Tilt2 app can not connect to the tilt when it is in the Sankey with top on. It can connect when the top is off but only if the tablet/phone is within a few feet. Anyone else using a Tilt in a Sankey without the repeater and able to...
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    Fermenting in Sankey

    Since I am on a budget I bought a Sankey keg to pressure ferment in and pressure transfer from. I am loath to cut the down tube so I am thinking when it comes time to transfer I'll first connect a picnic tap and run that until I see no more trub, then connect the liquid to the transfer keg to...
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    Connect Vevor 5L mini keg to CO2 tank regulator

    I have the Vevor 5L mini keg and I'd like to lose the CO2 cartridge and mini regulator and connect it instead to a 5 lbs CO2 tank with regulator. I need help with the connectors. It looks like all of the regulators have the same hose barb so I guess I connect a hose there using a hose clamp...
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    Forgot to aerate wort

    1st brew and I just realized that I forgot to aerate the wort. It went into the fermenter yesterday and the airlock started bubbling within 12 hours. It's Brewers Best Imperial Pale that I added .5lbs of chocolate malt to and starngely enough aeration is not in the instructions. Should I open...
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    Choosing first kit

    Does anyone have any suggestions for my first kit. I'd like to make 5gal batches of double NEIPA. I'll start with extract but hope to progress to all grain. So far I am considering the two below. Any others I should look at? Any opinions on which is the best? Should I consider a different...