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    3 Tap Keezer

    Hey Guys, Located in Long Island. Let me know if any questions. 3 Perlick Taps 3 Ball Lock Kegs Co2 Canister Keg Line Cleaner Brand New bottle filler Manifold and regulator Asking $800 take all.
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    Too much Gypsum?

    I'm working with Bru'n Water for the first time. I'm coming up with 15grams of Gypsum to bring my calcium up for 5gal of an IPA. Starting calcium is 19PPM. I think I'm using it correct, just wanted to bounce it off some smarter folk. :mug:
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    Unsucessfull Yeast Harvest

    For the first time I attempted to save my yeast cake from the latest batch that I kegged. I left some beer in the fermentor, swished all the goodness around, poured into a growler and waited for the separation to appear so I can pour into mason jars. After waiting some time I didn't see any...