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    Porter stalled - many reasons and no solution- advice appreciated

    So I brewed a porter after inspiration from Randy Mosher's Radical Brewing great book IMHO. here are the deets: yeast: San Diego Super Yeast WL (forgot the number) it was harvested from a previous batch and from my fridge. Yeast starter (normal size- cant remember, i looked it up the...
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    Priming Corny Idea/Question

    So after 8 years of brewing on and off and bottling, I have finally put together a modest, picnic tap 1 keg system. It is a 3.5 cu ft mini fridge (with a few "slight" adjustments to fit the keg) which I got next to nothing from home depot with a leftover gift card. What I did: I went ahead...
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    need a wheat AG recipe

    Have brewed a few british ales AG and want to brew a wheat. Im thinking belgian wit, blue moon or sunshine-ish. Any favorite recipes? Oh and I have heard a lot about stuck sparges with using wheat, any tips to help avoid this?
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    Is my fermentation complete?

    Hey guys, I just started my second AG batch yesterday(5th overall) and Ive already completed primary fermentation, I THINK. I bought nottingham dry ale yeast because it was cheap (2 packs in case one was bunk). After a little debate with myself I decided that if I had 2 packs I might as well...