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    Starting a Brewery Tour service

    Hey HBT users, I am interested in starting a brewery tour service for my area. I have been having trouble finding information on how to do this. As for what kind of business license is needed, insurance, all the type of need to know stuff. Anybody here own a similar business, or know where...
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    Brew system to potential pilot brewery system

    Hey everybody! So after a few weeks of research I am still up in the air about the system to buy or build. First of all let me tell you my vision. My vision is to create a brew system, with a control panel, to continue my home brewing. I have the aspirations to start my own brewery but know...
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    First Time Yeast Washing

    So i did a yeast washing for my first time. I mixed both of my 5 gallon carboys together before i did it and added a little less than half gallon of water. Here is what it looks like after 16 hours in the fridge. Does this look right? Looks like the yeast have settled to the bottom without...
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    Orange Pale Ale Spin-Off

    Hey everybody. I like the idea of of blacklabs Orange Pale Ale recipe. I have brewed it before and liked it but now i would like to give the recipe a different identity so I am not a recipe stealer ;) I want to try and make it more a IPA so here is the recipe i came up with keep in mind this...
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    Imperial IPA Recipe suggestions

    Here is my ingredients i plan to use. This is a 10-11 gallon batch that i split into two carboys. Any input is appreciated especially with my hop schedule. 28lbs American Pale Ale 2-Row 3lbs Gambrinus Munich Malt 1.5lbs Briess 60l Crystal Malt I am going to use Nugget (13.2% alpha)...
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    Competition Beer fermentation/bottle question

    So i am entering my 1st beer into a local competition. I brewed my IPA on Sunday the 17th and the competition has a cut off date of March 15th. How long should I give the carbonation to hit the appropriate level? Fermentation had started about 12 hours after brewing. Just wondering what all...
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    Cooler MLT Troubles

    So i brewed a 30.5 lb grain brew last night and had problems getting the liquid to drain from my 11 gallon rubbermaid cooler MLT. I have the SS braid setup and this is the 2nd time i have used this cooler. Keep in mind i batch sparge. The first time i used it the first run off came out...
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    Finally got first beer kegged

    Woo hoo finally got my first homebrew kegged and tapped and had a brew night with a few friends. Went well beer tasted good after only 24 hour force carb with 30 psi. Now i realized my corny doesnt have a release valve so when i tried to drain the air with the gas line it just shot beer out...
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    HBS in Longview Washington

    Hey im just wondering if anybody in the washinton/oregon area knows of a HBS around there? Im tired of portland traffic and would rather goto longview because its a lot less drag than portland.
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    malto dextrin

    Ok so i was at my HBS and i asked another customer (clerks were busy) where the malto dextrin was...well he pointed me to the Dextrin/carapils grain which i thought was wrong but went with his advice anyways cuz he looked like he knew what he was doing. Well im breweing Bee Cave Brewerys Robust...
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    Brewing that Cascade/Orange Pale Ale

    Getting ready to do my first PM and its gonna be the orange pale ale recipe i found on this site. I have a little bit of a dilemma. I have 2 primary 6 gallon carboys and 1 5 gallon carboy. Right now both the primarys are full and i want to rack one of the primarys to secondary to free the...
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    Hydrometer Reading

    Ok so i just took a hydrometer reading of my American IPA i have in the primary and its about 1.022 which is where the instructions said it should be....well everybody here says to take a reading 2 days in a row so im going to. My concern is, isnt doing 3 hydrometer readings (before pitch...
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    Questions about starting gravity

    Ok so im still a beginner i have 3 brews (1 Mr. Beer, 2 Extrat with hop additions) under my belt, the last two just this week, and i have a question or 2 about gravity of beer. I brewed a Brown Ale from williams brewing (north england style) and an American IPA from williams brewing as well...
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    Some Primary and Secondary questions

    Alright i finally got all the equipment i need to start brewing seriously....I have some questions about primarys and secondarys. 1. When you use a carboy for primary, how much head space is too much? I wanna do a 4-gallon batch in a 6-gallon carboy so that i can use my 5 gallon for a...
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    What all to I need to get started?

    Alright im heading to the nearest city (Portland) this weekend to visit a friend so im gonna head to the HB store there. I am trying to get a good idea of what all eqiupment i need to brew, siphon, bottle all the whole nine yards of malt extract. I know i need 2 Fermentors, airlock, boil...
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    Cleaning With Bleach

    Alright so I understand using bleach at a smaller concentrate is safer, and that washing with bleach should be done with cold water due to hot water basically killing off the bleach...what i dont understand is what im suppose to use to scrub and clean my plastic buckets and mash tun. I just got...
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    First batch on the way

    Ok so i got my first batch of beer ever bottled. I tasted it and it taste like flat beer which from what i read is a good sign. Its a Mr. Beer kit so im not expecting the world...Im spoiled cuz I live in oregon and we have some of the best commercial beers in the world, so I cant expect the...
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    Second Brew Recipe Help

    Ok i have my first brew about to be bottled tomrrow...its only a Mr. Beer Pale Ale so i havnt really got to do a real extract brew. Im looking for a good beginner extract recipe. I really like amber ales and nut brown ales so those preferrebly. Now i know there is a recipe part of the site...
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    Another NEWB on your hands

    Hey just wanna say this site has been already so helpful and this is my first post. I just recently decided to take on brewing as its something ive thought about doing for a few years now. Now i started off with a Mr. Beer kit to get a general idea of how the whole process works. After...