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    Hops garden pests

    This season I started a hops garden in my backyard with 2 rhizomes each of cascade and nugget. The hops are up the trellises now and just growing back and forth with flowers already budding which is exciting to see. I have been battling pests though. I love in San Antonio, TX and early on I...
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    Recipe Suggestions for New Whiskey Barrel?

    I am picking up a freshly dumped whiskey barrel from Ranger Creek Brew-stillery here in San Antonio this weekend and I am pretty excited. I got the notice there were a limited number available and snapped one up, but since it was unplanned, I don't know what to use it for first. I'd like to get...
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    Too Fancy Too Soon (?)

    This spring I started homebrewing with a canned kit and transitioned to partial mash kits before building my own partial mash recipes. The first recipe I built was for a robust porter but rather than being satisfied with a solidly built BJCP guidelined beer, I felt it necessary to add something...