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    Transfer from Sankey to Corny keg?

    Im running low on home brew - am going to buy a commercial keg for one of my taps, but I want to use a corny keg. If I buy a sankey keg, how can it be transferred to the corny?
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    HELP! Ruined my fridge - Need a new one fast

    Jeez... I drilled my mini fridge and hit a cooling line. Now I need another fast - have 40 people coming here on Saturday! I'm looking at Sanyo 4912 - but I dont know where I can safely drill it. I'm running remote taps, so need a 2" hole, preferably on the side near the top. Anyone know...
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    Help - my first keg hasn't carbonated!

    I've brewed for a long time, but just kegged for the first time. My keg has been on CO2 for seven days now - it foams nicely, but doesn't taste carbonated much at all. I've had it at 13 psi since it went in - about 36 degrees, though the temp has been fluctuating a lot as I'm having trouble...
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    Help with a new keg system set up..

    OK, I'm new at this .... some questions. I have 2 cornie kegs, a small refrigerator, co2 tank and lines and I'm ready to set up my system. It will be two kegs going to taps that I"m mounting in the wall about 4 feet away from the cooler/kegs. I'm told two things: 1) I should coil up about 14...
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    HELP - Need info on keg coolers

    I need to find a keg cooler ASAP. We're remodeling and the cabinet guy needs dimensions. I want to cool two of the pop type kegs - about 8 inches diameter, 26 inches high, I understand. We'll run lines out of it to some remote taps... I need to find a cooler that will handle them and not...