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    minibrew volume off?

    Been using my min-brew for a couple years and always took the volume for granted. Until today I was getting ready to make my first wine batch and decided to double check the markings. Man, mine are a half gallon off after the first gallon. It seems like 6.5 gallons would fit only if I filled...
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    first wine- what kit and conical questions

    So I've been brewing for years and the wife hates beer. So, I want to give wine w whirl. I got rid of all my carboys and buckets when I got a mini-brew conical. It is 6.5 gallons. Could I use this for wine and just drain off sentiment like beer? Also, I was looking at the Vinters Reserve...
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    Hop Height

    So these guys have had an adventure over their first year from a move from Texas in containers to sprouting in the basement in the winter to their final place in the ground. So now I'm transplanting from the containers to the ground and the only thing the wife has agreed on for posts are these...
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    HOPS growing in basement

    So I have my hops in planter and I brought them down to the basement for the winter (Maine). To my amazement, they have spouted and are growing. One is a couple feet long! What should I do? Should I put them in the garage and hope they go dormant again? They get a little sun in the...
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    Making starters in advance

    Usually when I brew,I find out I can do it maybe a day in advance if not the day of. I have a recipe for a stout that suggests using a starter or double pitching. Could I make a starter a now and let it set for up to a week? I don't want to underpitch. On that note, I'm going to be trying to...
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    conical yeast harvesting

    So I've been using my mini-brew conical for a year and have never tried to harvest the yeast. So I figured I would give it a run. I've read several of the pages about washing the yeast, but have on question. When should I take it from the conical? I've been pulling trub off every few days...
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    fermenting with no a/c

    So the wife and I were really excited to move up north where we wouldn't need an a/c for the house. Well, summer hit and its hot and I brewed. Temp in the house is 80ish +. I used a WL london ale yeast but I'm worried about the room temp. Is there something I can do to keep the beer a bit...
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    going ag with what i got

    thinking of making the jump to AG but the wife doesn't want any more beer stuff around the house. i read about converting the 10 gallon coolers. all i have is a big box cooler that i shouldn't be taking apart. could i use that guy and use a really large grain bag or two? i realize i'll be...
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    transplanting and raised beds

    So, the wife and I are moving. I started my rhizomes in pots in order to at least get some root growth this year. We have 4 to 5 days of travel and then I get to make a garden at the new house to transplant them. We're really big in to vegetable gardens and were thinking about raised beds...
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    nasty picnic taps

    I've been kegging for a while and keep having a reoccurring problem of nastiness growing in my picnic taps. i can't afford faucets just yet, so what are some tips to not have jelly in my beer? i was thinking about keeping a small bowl of bleach water in the kegerator and storing the taps in...
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    why won't he grow?

    I have a second year chinook that just won't grow. He's in a planter and had some leaves shoot out around where the orginal rhizome was planted. But nothing more for over a week. I planted my rhizomes last week and they all have a good 2 to 3 inch vine coming out for each one. DO the second...
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    cross country hopps

    So my new rhizomes are ready for a big stress. First they are in smaller planters. Planted, today, they will be with a friend for a bit more than a month while I'm on my honey moon. Then, the little guys will make the trip from south texas to portland maine. So, will they even grow up there...
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    lost grain bag

    So I gave my swmbo the bag of grain after my last brewing to give to the chickens. Unfortunately, she threw away the grain bag that I used for brewing. I've used that thing since day 1 of my limited brewing career. I ordered a new kit and went to brew and found that the bag was gone. Would...
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    texas hops

    so i'm in san antonio texas and have one chinook that survived a move and a couple of dogs who like to dig in my planters. its a first year and i was out ot town and not able to harvest. so here's my question. what do i do to in the winter? we get a couple of lite freezes in the winter and...
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    priming growlers

    i know its been said, but i can't find it on the search feature. how much sugar per 1/2 gallon growler? its a wheat ale, but want to error on a bit under carbonated to avoid bombs. also, its been in the secondary for 3 weeks. should i stir up the yeast a bit?
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    v-vessel anybody tried these? any feedback or ideas?
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    need colder water.

    so texas water isn't an ideal temperature for cooling wort. i measured my tap water at 85*. i have an immersion chiller but don't have the $ for a pre-chiller. i have been using my ic to get the temp down to 115 and then using an ice bath too. any ideas on how to get colder water in the ic...
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    dry hoping with pellets

    so the guy at the brew store had me add some dry hopping to the recipe. i've never done this before and am worried about sanitation. he gave me a hop bag (i figure i can put it in sanitizer). but what about the ho pellets. they can have crawlers on them too. or is that not an issue? also...
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    soda in a soda keg?

    man i love my kegerator. but my girlfriend thinks it is a horrible idea. i'll be moving in with her in a while and well, she barely outranks the kegerator. but she is a caffeine addict and loves diet pepsi. i asked her if we put a keg of pepsi in there if it would still be an issue. and...
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    avoiding july 4th disaster

    so i have 3 kegs i'm taking to a budy's party tomarrow. i need to force carb one tonight. i've never done it so we'll see how it goes. the problem is that i have no idea how much co2 is left in my tank. i bought it used and there was some left in there. the previous owner didn't know how...