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    Ft- Hudson valley sour IPAs(s) iso- good west coast IPA and lagers like pilsner and helles

    In pa. Not looking for anything crazy, just sour ipa'd out. Also prefer the beers not distro to PA 1 for 1. Pm if interested. 5 alcove and 1 minuet. Canned 12/26 as an fyi.
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    Ft veil and other half; iso see below

    Well I know the ft/iso concept has seemed to fade but oh well. Iso- angry chair stouts, cycle stouts, hidden springs stouts, moksa stouts, more stouts, forager stouts, toppling Goliath stouts, three chiefs stouts, Horus stouts Hops- green cheeks, humble sea, mast landing, maine brewing Co...
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    iso monkish and others, ft alchemist

    trying to get my hands on moonraker, monkish, great notion, narrow gauge, old nation, moksa, pure project, three chiefs, Alvarado, sante andrius, casa agria, tilted barn, angry chair, cycle, homes, humble sea, homage, electric, henhouse, outer range. recognize I can't get them all so if you...
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    ISO- Great Notion or Monkish FT- Tired Hands, Equilibrium, possibly Richmond beers

    Not sure I will get any bites but PM me if interested as I'd like to get my hands on some of these west coast beers
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    Brett c in 2ndary but final gravity is 1.004 do I pitch

    First time trying to play with Brett. i did a 4 grain petite saison and fermented with omega saisonstein monster. I'm at 1.004 so probably should have mashed hotter but I was predicted to land around 1.006 which I thought would be good. I wanted to secondary with brett c but my concern is...
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    NYC trip need help

    So I habe a 7 year old and a 2 year old and want to swing through NYC to get some beer. Breweries on my radar but would prefer kid friendly establishments- threes, other half, interboro, finback, sand city, district 96, and transmitter. I can't hit them all up so any help would be appreciated.
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    Potassium sorbate for backsweetening BEERS

    Hey fellas, I'm a science nerd and historically have seen that most additions of fruits, etc will mostly ferment out. I noticed in a BYO edition that they mentioned the use of gelatin (fining out some of the yeast) followed by potassium sorbate to decrease the likelihood of cell counts...
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    WTB- bottle filler (last straw)

    Looking for the last straw bottle giller. Also looking for a dual guage CO2 regulator to go with bottle filler. If anyone has a 3 gallon ball lock I would be open to that as well.
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    First Berliner

    So I'm doing a split batch for an event. One will be a key lime Berliner and the other a straight up berliner with more than likely the addition of syrup at the event. Two questions: one, has anyone had experience with "Kermit's Key West Key Lime Juice" a family member was in KW and picked me...
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    Iso- hoof hearted, rhinegeist, mexican cake and others ft: pizza boy + PA distro

    For trade- pizza boy permasmile, ipas, sunny side, troegs scratch brews, limited tired hands brews, and PA distro. Looking for hoof hearted, rhinegeist, other half, bone yard, heady and Mexican cake.
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    Pennsylvania Used Keggles (#3)

    Full disclosure these are used keggles. They have 2 npt fittings each. Per prior owner they were welded using a steel rod. I was not a huge fan on how things looked on the inside so I tried my hand a silver soldering. Of all the welds, one has a slow leak which I purposefully use/used as my...
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    Iso- creature comfort, carton, grimm and other half ft- pizza boy

    PA distribution looking for the above namely tropicalia plus the other hard to finds. Also looking for nebco and noda.
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    ISO- other half, toppling goliath, trilium or tree house, ft- pizza boy

    Looking for other half ipas, trilium, tree house, and toppling goliath. Also looking for pipeworks mostly their ipas. I can get pizza boy and some of Pennsylvania distro. PM me and we can try to work something out.
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    Burton ale yeast help

    So did a coconut brown yesterday, pitched 1 vial of white labs burton (no I didn't do a started) in 5.5 gallons with an og of 1.051. Temp at pitch was 73 degrees and I aerated real well. Going on close to 24 hrs- no activity. Usually with my other brews I was good by 8 hrs. Should I pitch...
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    FT- Pizza boy barrel aged sours, ISO- Westbrook, Bruery, etc

    FT: Black, Blackberry or Raspberry barrel aged sours (while supplies last) ISO: Westbrook, The Bruery stouts, Pipeworks, Toppling Goliath, Founder's KBS, NEBCO, and/or NODA
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    balcones blue corn whiskey barrel

    Well the wife was nice enough to purchase a 5 gallon barrel for me. Honestly I don't know what date it was dumped but she indicated that it was recentlying dumped.... This was from there blue corn whiskey. Any recommendations on next steps..... I want to do a founders breakfast clone. I...
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    ft: intangible ales acidulated hive/future primitive and pizza boy brews or troegs

    ISO- toppling goliath, alpine, hill farmstead ipas, westbrook stouts, new england brewing co ipas, maybe NODA, fathead ipas, bruery stouts, and pipeworks Revolution unsessionable if available fresh surly abrasive if available fresh Still an ipa, stout, sour guy...
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    Keggle problems

    Well bought a 3 keggle system on the cheap. Immediate concerns- I installed a false bottom because it didn't some with one and I wanted to double check for leaks, etc... I was curious how everything would go so in the kitchen I went and probably put about 5 gallons of water in.... 24 cups of...
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    Grapefruit Sculpin clone?

    Well this is not a recipe for those of you who viewed this thread. BUT I did have the pleasure of drinking some this weekend AND now I'm wanting to find a way to replicate. Anyone found clone recipes anywhere as I didn't have any luck on the world wide web...
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    ISO: Zombie Dust FT: Pizza boy brews including sours while supplies last, etc

    Trying to get me hands on some zombie dust. I know I know so is everybody else. Although not located in the famous California/Vermont/Oregon regions here in central PA I do have access to some good local beers as well as a reasonable distribution from other parts of the country. At the...