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  1. The Pol

    2.5-3 gallon 4500W E-Brewery Build

    The basic plan is to utilize (2) 8 gallon pots, a stainless, rolling equipment table, one pump, a 4500W element in the BK, and one in the RIMS tube, one pump, and BCS control. I'm not sure if it will be WiFi capable, or not at this juncture. The plan is to also have a large CFC mounted to the...
  2. The Pol

    Stupid debt riddled neighbors...

    So, my neighbors, with bad grass... They will give you the shirt off thier back, but I really want to slap them. After planning to have a child (12 months), getting pregnant, doing the 9 month thing... decided that $200/mo for health insurance was "too pricey". So, they went to the doc...
  3. The Pol

    Kill-A-Watt Brewery Build Compilation

    The premise is a 2 vessel system, capable of 5-10 gallon batches. No sparge, but a Brutus 20 type recirculation process. -Overall dimensions of 48" wide, 20" deep and 40" high. -BK wattage: 9000W (30,717 BTUs) -RIMS wattage: 9000W (30,717 BTUs) (Parts list on page 61) Pumps: LG 3-MD-HC...
  4. The Pol

    9000W RIMS Heater

    So, here is another part of the build:
  5. The Pol

    Bargain Fittings is AWESOME, here is why.

    This is what Wayne helped me build... I used his weldless bulkheads and his electric element lock nuts and seals... beautful NO leaks, sealed perfectly the FIRST time! Thanks Wayne and Bargain Fittings! The end product:
  6. The Pol

    New TriClamp mounted SS chiller

    Well, finally built something today. (2) hours from start to finish... 50' SS coil (2) 1/2" SS 90 degree elbow compression x MPT connectors (2) Pair of SS Triclamps (MPT and FPT pairs) Total build cost $232
  7. The Pol

    NEW March 809 pumps (2) $110 EACH

    (2) NEW March 809s with polysulphone heads. Mounting Bracket and 3' cord included, NO plug end, just the cord. $110 each PLUS shipping from 46168
  8. The Pol

    Lots of Blichman Bling!

    So, I dunno why people dislike FedEx... Thanks Brewmasters Warehouse and Blichman... NOW to modify these puppies! Beginning to look like the makings of a brewery... Great place to mix some grain and water... Jr. taking care of qualiity inspections... By the way... people cringe at the...
  9. The Pol

    BCS 460 Tell me all about it.

    So, it looks fancy, the website speaks in a language that I cannot comprehend... So, do you use the BCS? How does it physically interface with your laptop? With your SSRs? What do you use for your temperature probes? Is there any portion that is wireless? It is interesting to me...
  10. The Pol

    Blichman Dimensions??

    Just kidding, Id never buy a Blichman ;)
  11. The Pol

    ALL Electric HERMS FOR SALE $1,500

    It is official: SOLD!! 100% Electric HERMS For Sale, Indianapolis Area HLT: 10 gallon Rubbermaid beverage cooler 1500W heating element Johnson A419 temperature controller 1/2" x 25' copper HERMS coil 1/2" full port ball valve Calibrated sight gauge 120VAC water agitator Every port...
  12. The Pol

    The Shake Weight... wow, watch this. Umm... I dont have words.
  13. The Pol

    I think I may sell my HERMS... Indy area

    I am thinking about selling my HERMS. Obviously this would have to be a local sale/local pick-up. Id place it in the classifieds, but this isnt really a classified as I have not settled on it or the poss. price yet. EDIT: This HERMS requires a 240VAC, 30A, GFCI circuit, it is NOT GAS...
  14. The Pol

    Indianapolis Area Refractometers $29.95!!!

    Great Fermentations on Dec. 12th will be selling refractometers for $29.95. Indy area brewers, here is your chance to get them for half price! (sort of)
  15. The Pol

    Espresso brewers, roasters, lovers...

    So I have been roasting coffee for a while, nearly a year. I love it, I really do enjoy having one FINE coffee drink per day. A month ago I was in Little Cuba (Miami, FL) and had some killer espresso, so I began xploring this. Have some tasty beans from SweetMarias, roasted to the...
  16. The Pol

    FoodSaver Deal
  17. The Pol

    My family, dressed as elves, dancing, for you.

    Happy Holidays HBT From The Pol (and family)
  18. The Pol

    Yeast Cake Preservation

    Question: I just racked my German Pils off a nice cake of w-34/70. I use a Winpak to ferment in, so it has an air tight threaded cap that I can place on it, and did, after racking. I placed the sealed fermentor back in my freezer at 53F where it fermented out. How long can I expect...
  19. The Pol

    Nottingham Replacement Packets Arrived 11-12-09

    Well, I recieved 5 replacement packets of Notty today from Lallemand. I am the first person that I know to recieve them. Well... good on ya Lallemand, I was begning to doubt you!
  20. The Pol

    W-34/70 and Diacetyl rest.

    So, I have two lagers that wil be ready for either a diacetyl rest or cold lagering in a couple weeks. I am using W-34/70 in both, which per the mfg. produces low sulfur and diacetyl. I also pitched cold and pitched plenty of yeast, so anyone used this yeast without a diacetyl rest? Should...