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    Applied to UC-Davis

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    Turbo Tap

    damn, but it pours a beer in 2 seconds! That video w/ the stouts was pretty sick, they all had a uniform, perfect head. But I still agree, excessive for the non-wealthy homebrewer.
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    'Quantity' ... brewed with a cheap set up.

    ... so you're in your cubicle right now, eh? hope you're not workin too hard man :cool:
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    'Quantity' ... brewed with a cheap set up.

    I dunno man, not to come off as a square or anything, & I'm gonna be the last person to tell anybody how much they should drink but... 6.7 imperial pints a day - let alone 10 lol - would have me buzzed 24/7, I don't think ANY of my schoolwork would get done. Then again, I only weigh like 150...
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    Need help adding vanilla to a cream ale

    I recently bottled a vanilla cream ale that turned out fabulous. I ended up adding about 2.5 oz of vanilla extract @ bottling (stirred it in w the priming sugar) ... what I did, was add a couple drops to a pint and then sample it. I thought it came off as overwhelming, so I decided that, rather...
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    Strawberry Wine?

    you're probably right - all I know is, my roommate made a strawberry wine out at the winery that I work at, and the owner there, Jim Butler, said that we should drink it in 6 months b/c it would start to go downhill after that... maybe this is specific to strawberry wines? And maybe doesn't...
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    uncappable bottles?

    Hey L P... could I cap one of these with a bench capper?? holla back
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    screwed up beer laws

    Who's waiting? :cool:
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    Hi there strangers!

    yeah, you don't want to go outside - unless you've just bought a turkey frier!!! damn it's cold! :D
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    Strawberry Wine?

    the Only bad thing about strawberry wine is the color. Most of the time they turn out brown, unless you hold 'em up to the light. and also with fruit wines, they don't age like normal wines do. They lose their color & flavor after too long in bottles - I'd reccommend trying to drink all 5...
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    whatever's clean (or least dirty) :D
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    Applied to UC-Davis

    brewsmith - where'd you go to school? what d'you play? How are you using your degree now?
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    Applied to UC-Davis

    hell yeah man where are u from?
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    Applied to UC-Davis

    I don't think brewing and music are too distantly related... and damn, I'm convinced music is the hardest sh*T around - theory, ear training, history, performing aaand practicing every free moment - it wears you out dude. but I'm not gonna switch completely (if I do at all) ... I'll probly...
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    Applied to UC-Davis

    So, some of y'all might know that I'm studying music @ Indiana University... but there's a good chance I'm going to transfer assuming I get accepted - just submitted my application to UC-davis the other day! So I still have to practice 4 hrs / day until I get my acceptance letter (&) but I might...
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    your "library"

    Damn barleypopmaker, looks like you'd dive into Farmhouse Ales by phil markowski - how have yours turned out? The closest I've come to a belgian is a wit, and well, I don't consider their flavors to be as profound as some of the other belgian ales (at least mine wasn't).
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    geek question involving alpha acids

    now, that's just not fair.
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    geek question involving alpha acids

    :eek: while I pique myself on my mastery of all things brewing, I do find it rather laborious to showboat online. [dictated but not read]
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    geek question involving alpha acids

    OK, so I was under the impression that alpha acids were hydrophobic, and had to isomerize in order to dissolve into water... does this sound familiar? On p 64 of the Homebrewer's Companion Papazian says "Recall that alpha acids must be dissolved before they can become isomerized and affect...
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    Still chuggin along

    Couldn't you just put it in the keg - not carbonate it yet - and treat it like a tertiary fermentation? Then force carbonate it like a week before christmas? There's a good chance I'm wrong about this but I think it might make it age better than just carbonating it now... but then again...